Are you thinking of buying a dog?

Bringing a four legged friend home is an exciting time and the start of a new adventure that lasts years beyond the ‘honeymoon’ stage however there are some very important things to consider and be prepared for before you purchase that furry friend.

Are you thinking of buying a puppy/dog? Are you ready to commit to your four legged friend for at least 10 - 15 years? See the information sheet below with a list of things to consider before buying that pet. 

If you have considered the above information sheet and you are ready to commit to your new furry friend download the document below which has a list of everything a puppy will need to settle into their new forever home.

Visit Paws from the Pound to see what dog is looking for their new forever home. 

Impounded animals

If your animal is lost, it may have been impounded by Council. Animals which have been impounded will appear on this list after they are impounded. Processing times may vary, so you may wish to check back several times.

  1. Registered animals that are impounded will be kept for 5 working days.
  2. Unregistered animals that are impounded will be kept for 3 working days.

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How do I release my dog from the pound?

If council has impounded your animal please contact the Isaac Regional Council on 1300 47 22 27, so arrangements can be made to reunite you and your pet. Alternative, you can visit any of Council's Customer Service Centres and arrange for collection of the animal.

How much does it cost to release my dog?

Payment of the release (and registration if not already registered with the Isaac Regional Council) fees is to be received in full prior to the release of the animal. Please note if you have not released your animal within 5 days for registered animals or 3 days for unregistered animals from the date of impounding the dog will be processed in accordance with the Councils Local Laws and the Animal Management Act 2008.

Micro Chipping

If your dog is not already micro-chipped when it is impounded [a requirement under the Animal Management (Cats & Dogs) Act 2008] you will be required to arrange for a Vet to micro-chip the dog before Council will release it to you.

You need to pay all Council fees – registration and impound fees first, then make an appointment at your Vet at a time convenient to you, the Vet and Council.

Council will deliver the dog to the Vet and you can then take it home from there.  Government Photo ID will be required as proof of identity for the release of the animal.

Other arrangements can be made by request, but each is dependent on the nature of the request and available Council resources.

Release Fees 

Dog release fees can be found here in Council's Fees and Charges schedule.

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Paws from the Pound

Any unclaimed impounded dogs are processed in accordance with Council's Local Laws and the Animal Management Act 2008. Many dogs that have not been reclaimed by their owners have a high probability of being rehomed. Dogs that may be suitable for rehoming are assessed to try and ensure that any dogs adopted are safe to return to the community.  Council assesses animal on face value only and as such cannot accept responsibility for any undetectable behavioural or medical conditions.   Should you wish to adopt, Council requires prospective owners to visit the pound facility with family members (including current pet) to introduce the new family member to try and ensure the best fit possible.  Once the agreement is made to rehome, registration papers signed and fees paid, Council will arrange for the dog to be microchipped and desexed before beginning life at his/her new home.  Council endeavours to reunite or rehome lost or unclaimed dogs to the best of their ability.   Remember – in the end it is up to you to be a responsible dog owner and prevent your dog from roaming.

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Dog Registration

All dogs aged 12 weeks and over must be registered with Council under the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008. By registering your dog, Council is able to reunite you and your pet if it is impounded, or to notify you in case of an accident.

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Nuisance Animals

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