Carmila beach

Carmila is located at the foot of the Connors Range on the Bruce Highway. Cane growing is the community's main industry and is harvested between May and November.

Grey NomadsCamp at Carmila Beach

Carmila Beach is located approximately 6km east of Carmila. It is an unspoilt paradise and convenient three day rest and camping area for all those travelling between Rockhampton and Sarina.

Access to the campground is along 1km of dirt track and the last 300m are sandy and narrow. Facilities include toilets, barbeques,
picnic tables and boat ramps.

Carmila Beach is very popular with fishing enthusiasts who trawl through the creeks north and south of this camping oasis.

Rainforest Walks

Before cane farming, the Carmila Ranges was known to hold the most unique rainforest in the world. Today it nurses remnant pockets of rainforest abounding with plants, birds and animals of all varieties. 

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Carmila Caravans