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Council extends planning scheme consultation

Council has extended the period for community feedback on the Proposed Isaac Regional Planning Scheme to 5 October 2018 to give landowners, residents and business more time to comment.

Mayor Anne Baker said Isaac region was one of the first local government areas to propose a new planning scheme under changes to State Planning Policy and had been working proactively with the State Government to clarify issues raised by the community in response to the draft scheme.

“We are not about to rush this important process. We are a Council that listens to our communities and have resolved to extend the consultation period for a month, until 5 October, to ensure people can have their say,” Mayor Baker said.

“We acknowledge there has been particular concern expressed in our coastal communities regarding the implications of coastal hazard mapping in the State Planning Policy.

“Council gave a commitment to these residents that we would seek and provide clarity in regard to the application of State guidelines relating to rebuilding a damaged home, extending an existing building or building on vacant land.

“This information is now available, has been published on Council’s website and will also be mailed to affected landholders. We will also be undertaking follow-up face-to-face consultation sessions with coastal communities during September.

“We believe it is of absolute importance that people be given opportunity to review the information and make a considered response as part of the consultation process.”

Mayor Baker said Council was also progressing its own study into coastal hazards to gather localised data.

“We appreciate there is a feeling in the community that the mapping developed by the State does not reflect their personal experience or historic understanding of the hazards created by flooding, tidal surges and other natural events,” she said.

“To address this, Council is progressing our own project to gather localised data as part of a Coastal Hazards Adaption Strategy. The outcome of this body of work may ultimately endorse or contradict the existing hazard mapping of the State. Until this local mapping is completed and validated, the existing mapping of the State will apply.

“It is important to acknowledge that the intent of any mapping and hazard overlays is to help mitigate the impact natural hazards may have on people, property, the economy, the environment and infrastructure. State Planning Policy and, by extension, Council’s planning scheme is intended to help to guide development over the coming decades for projects with a lifespan of 50 years.”



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30 August 2018