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Mayor calls for reality check in resources debate

The Mayor of Queensland’s largest resources region has called for reasonableness to prevail in the debate over mining projects in Central Queensland.

“I am amazed at the attention a singular mining project continues to command,” Isaac Region Mayor Anne Baker said.

“I’d like to see some reason and sensibility among the players in this debate. It’s time for a reality check.

“At the end of the day Adani isn't the only company developing a new mine in the Isaac region or the state of Queensland for that matter. And they will be far from the last to do so.

“Coal will continue to be a crucial part of the global energy mix alongside renewables, which are a growing industry in the Isaac region. With solar, wind and coal, the Isaac is helping to energise the world.”

Cr Baker said the process surrounding the Carmichael project and others like it was simply ‘business as usual’ for the Isaac region.

“The Carmichael mine is moving forward in the hands of that proponent, just like many others. It takes time to move mountains, it’s a slow process,” she said.

Cr Baker said, as Mayor, she supported responsible development by the resources and mining sector.

“Our job at Council is to ensure genuine benefits are realised and delivered for our people and businesses as an outcome of these developments,” Cr Baker said.

“Companies need to earn their social licence to operate in the communities they operate in.

“I’m not about to become a cheerleader for any multi-national company. I’m also not about to engage in a bidding war for jobs.

“All projects need to deliver genuine benefit for the communities in which they operate.

“A win for those jostling to get fly in-fly out jobs does nothing for our region or, in fact, the State.”

7 March 2018