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An investment of more than $27 million will pave the way for improvements to Isaac’s vast road network in Council’s 2019-20 Focused on the Fundamentals budget.

Roads, the economic lifeblood of the region, remain at the centrepiece of Isaac Regional Council’s $51.4 million capital works budget delivered today.

Mayor Anne Baker said by focusing on the fundamentals in this budget, Council looked at what services are essential to the region to ensure they have the attention they need.

“Isaac has an extensive road network and having quality and safe roads is what connects our people,” Mayor Baker said.

“Our road maintenance and infrastructure are a core service which have a huge impact on safety, travel time, flood access, freight and business in our region.

“Our recent budgets have been bolstered by millions in infrastructure restoration funding provided under the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA), a joint initiative of the Commonwealth and Queensland governments.

“But I’m pleased to announce we reached a significant milestone in May, completing a $50.1 million NDRRA restoration program in the aftermath of Tropical Cyclone Debbie which devastated parts of our region in 2017.

“This is a great achievement for the Isaac and I acknowledge the support provided by the Commonwealth and State governments to assist us on the path to recovery.”

Deputy Mayor and Division 5 Councillor Kelly Vea Vea said Council would deliver a $1.785 million regionwide resurfacing program which would renew local sealed roads and an additional $3.3 million for the regional gravel road resheeting program, rolling out across Isaac.

“The $16 million Pasha Road upgrade will be completed in 2019-20 with the State Government providing a further $13 million to pave and seal the remaining gravel sections of the road between the intersection with Eaglefield Road to the intersection with Riverside Mine Road,” she said.
“A further $800,000 from the Australian Government’s Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program will construct 18 drainage structures on the route.

“Rural roads are the vines that connect our communities and bring investment and business, which makes them essential assets to maintain.”

Division 8 Councillor Geoff Bethel said 20 rural roads would benefit from the gravel resheeting program across the region.

“There is also $300,000 to replace three rural timber bridges on the Collaroy-Tierawoomba and Connors River-Collaroy roads in Division 8,” he said.

“This is supported by a grant from the jointly-funded Commonwealth-State Natural Disaster Resilience Program. It is essential our rural roads network have improved resilience for the future.

Division 7 Councillor Jane Pickels said a $1.3 million overlay, pave and seal of existing unsealed roadway on Mackenzie River-Capella Road would go ahead in this Budget.

“Golden Mile Road will also continue to be rehabilitated, with $1.5 million budgeted to improve the structural capacity and seal sections totaling 2.5 kilometres,” Cr Pickels said.

“Both of these programs are co-funded under the Queensland Government’s Transport Infrastructure Development Scheme, which provides vital funding to local governments for the development of transport related infrastructure,” Cr Pickels said.

Division 6 Councillor Lyn Jones said Clermont will be the recipient of $175,000 in Council’s resurfacing program.

“In this budget we are continuing to improve the avenues of transport in, and around, Clermont,” she said.

Division 4 Councillor Simon West said the rehabilitation of Mills Avenue would continue into the new financial year, with $2 million committed to the project in 2019-20, funded under the Australian Government’s Roads to Recovery program.

“The planned renewal works will improve the condition of Mills Avenue between Goonyella Road and Clements Street,” Cr West said.

Division 3 Councillor Gina Lacey said a number of road safety improvements would be delivered across the region.

“An investment of $200,000 will be directed to improving school zones across the region,” she said.

Division 2 Councillor Nick Wheeler also reiterated that safety on the region’s roads was vital to keeping Isaac moving.

“$200,000 has been allocated to commence the process of replacing Phillips Creek Bridge and a further $80,000 for engineering design work for the rehabilitation of Saraji Road,” he said.

Councillor Greg Austen was happy to see rural roads in the Division 1 come away with money for improvements in 2019-20.

“Pioneer Road, Bulliwallah Road, Laglan Road are winners in the $3.3 million Isaac regional rural gravel resheeting program,” Cr Austen said.

Mayor Baker said it was with a mind to focusing on the fundamentals that will see Council continuing to invest in, and advocate for, a strong, safe and resilient road network.

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25 June 2019