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UPDATE 20 April 2017: Changes to Eton Range restrictions for over size over mass vehicles

Please be advised that the restrictions for over size over mass (OSOM) vehicles accessing the Eton Range on the Peak Downs Highway have been updated. 

Please find below the current restrictions currently applicable to OSOM vehicles, as they appear on the TMR Conditions of Operation Database.

Updates are in bold.

Mass restrictions:
Peak Downs Highway is closed (at Eton Range landslide) to all vehicles that require special assessment permits or that exceed "A Class" timber bridge mass limits.

Width restrictions:
A landslip on the Eton range has restricted vehicles greater than 4.6m wide from travelling the Peak Downs highway between Listers Road and Hogan Pocket Road.  Temporary road safety barriers and antigawk screens will be in place.  

The maximum ground contact width is 3.6m.  The maximum width above 1200mm is 4.6m.  Barriers have been placed to identify the safe travel path through the slip.  The barriers at the slip site are 1200mm high.

Vehicle length is limited to 30m.

The Maximum speed of the vehicle through the range crossing shall be 12km/hr.  For width over 3.5m vehicles are to have a minimum of one escort vehicle positioned at the rear of the vehicle while travelling through the range crossing.

In addition to checking these conditions before each trip, heavy vehicle operators are encouraged to view the database regularly for updates.

For more information please see the TMR excess mass and dimension conditions.



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20 April 2017