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Water Mains Flushing Program, Clermont

Isaac Regional Council advises Clermont residents a water mains flushing program will be carried out during:


Water mains will be flushed across the whole town to ensure water quality is maintained.

This flushing may stir up any sediment in the mains causing a temporary discolouration in the water.

Council is conducting this program due to recent heavy rain at Theresa Creek Dam which caused high levels of sediment entering the water treatment plant.

Residents should not experience any taste or odour issues.

Households and businesses experiencing this issue are encouraged to flush their pipes by running a tap until the water clears.

To avoid wasting water, we recommend that it be used on your garden or lawn.

If residents continue to experience issues at their property, it is important that they report this to Council on 1300 ISAACS so it can be investigated.

Council apologises for any inconvenience caused.

If you require further information please contact Council’s Customer Service Centre available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 1300 ISAACS (1300 47 22 27).

Gary Stevenson PSM
Chief Executive Officer

19 November 2018