5 Year Corporate Plan

2017-2022 Corporate Plan 

On 25 May 2021 Council adopted our 5 Year Corporate Plan (PDF, 7.56MB)  This is an interim Corporate Plan to allow time to undertake a robust analysis and community engagement to develop our new five-year Corporate Plan, envisaged to be the 2022-2027 Corporate Plan.

Concurrently Council will also review the longer term 20 years Strategic Community Plan to ensure alignment of these documents, community expectations and new opportunities for the Region.

The Corporate Plan is a living document, its success lies in having conversations with our communities to ensure that Council’s goals align with the needs and priorities of our people.

Council’s Vision “To energise the World” is central to driving all strategic and key planning decisions and future planning initiatives. Current and future strategic directions are, and will be, defined against the Vision, Mission and Values.