About Council

Isaac Regional Council was formed on Saturday 15 March 2008 through the amalgamation of three former shires: Belyando, Broadsound and Nebo. Council's role is to provide facilities throughout the region in an effective and efficient manner and encourage strategic and sustainable development of the area for the benefit of all citizens.

Community engagement

Outlines engagement opportunities, regional events, publications and policies.

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Corporate structure

Council's Executive Leadership team and details about the organisation.

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Mayor's and Councillors

Our Council is made up of 8 elected members and the Mayor.

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Meetings and Minutes

Council meets every month for Ordinary Meetings.

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Mission and values

Council sets the Vision, Mission and Values and strategic direction for the region and is also responsible for setting the Council's organisational structure.

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Public Interest Disclosure and Form

Under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2010 public authorities are required to display information on their websites about Public Interest Disclosures.

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Isaac Regional Council advocates key regional community issues to state and national stakeholders.

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