Fishing Boating and Water Sport in the Isaac Region

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From salt water to freshwater; bare-feet, boards or skis; beginners, enthusiasts and professionals; the Isaac region has a fishing, boating or water sport experience to suit!

The Isaac Coast Fishing Experience
(Ilbilbie to St Lawrence)

Fishing is a favourite pastime for many and a typical trademark of the Queensland lifestyle. Between Ilbilbie and St Lawrence is approximately 100km of sandy beaches and pristine recreational reserves. Places such as Greenhill, Notch Point, Carmila and Clairview are particularly popular for bream, whiting and flathead, whereas the strip between Clairview to St Lawrence is additionally known for its barramundi, mangrove jack and tasty mud crabs.

Coastal Zoning, Permits and Regulations

The area off Isaac's coast is been broken up into Great Barrier Reef zones, each with different restrictions. The three main zones that exist in the Isaac region include:

  1. General Use Zone (light blue) – allows for all reasonable uses. Permits are required for activities including aquaculture, research, tourism programmes or harvest fishing for aquarium fish, coral, beach worm, sea cucumber, trochus, tropical rock lobster.
  2. Habitat Protection Zone (dark blue) – as above but also prohibits trawling and shipping in places other than the designated areas as shown on the zoning map.
  3. Conservation Park Zone (yellow) – allows for limited fishing, trolling, crabbing, collecting and in some cases spear fishing. Permits will be required for all of the above except for harvest fishing for sea cucumber, trochus and tropical rock lobster which is prohibited.

Freshwater Fishing

Many creeks and estuaries in the Isaac Region lend themselves to freshwater fishing, however a favourite amongst residents and tourists is Theresa Creek Dam. Located 22km south of Clermont, Theresa Creek dam is fully stocked with Barramundi, Golden Perch, Eel-Tailed Catfish, Sleepy Cod, Silver Perch, Bony Bream and Redclaw Crayfish are also abundant in the dam.


The only dam in Isaac where you will need a fishing permit is Theresa Creek Dam. To fish at Theresa Creek Dam you will need a Stocked Impoundment Permit (SIP). The one permit covers thirty-three participating dams in Queensland. You only need one permit per couple (married or de facto relationship), and if you are under 18 you don't need one at all. The permit allows you to fish with a hand-held or set fishing line - nothing else. You are not allowed to use a net, for instance. You will not need a SIP if you are only fishing for red-claw. The money anglers pay for their SIP goes towards management of the SIP scheme and to stocking groups for purchasing native fish fingerlings.

Stocked Impoundment Permit cost
$12 per week
$57 per year
$41 per year if you are entitled to a discount*

SIP's are sold:
Online at Stocked Impoundment Permit. To use this option you will need a printer and a credit card.

The cost differs from the overview on the website to the cost in the booking link