National Parks and State Forests

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Parks and forests protect Queensland's wonderful natural diversity and scenery.

Please help keep these places special by following the following rules below:

Protect the flora and fauna
Remember, plants and animals are protected, so please do not trample plants when you are erecting your tent or walking. Stay on the walking tracks. Taking shortcuts causes erosion and damages vegetation. Leave your campsite better than you found it.

Never feed or leave food for animals
You might be bitten or scratched. Let animals find their own food. Our foods can be harmful.

Be careful with fire
Use a fuel stove for cooking and use a fireplace where provided. Put the fire out with water when you leave your camp site. Don't collect firewood in the park – bring your own clean, milled wood. Be sure to obey current fire restrictions. Open fires are prohibited.

Leave no rubbish
Take your rubbish with you when you leave, don't bury it. Pack strong rubbish bags for storing rubbish during your journey. Carry a small container for cigarette butts.

Be considerate
People visit parks and forests to enjoy the sounds of nature, not noisy radios or generators.

Leave your pets at home
Domestic animals are not permitted in national parks. You will protect your pet and native wildlife by leaving them at home, and you will come across more animals on your walk.

Use toilets if provided
Carrying a shovel and toilet paper to use where there are no facilities. Bury toilet waste at least 15cm below the ground and 100m from water. Clip-seal bags are handy for carrying sanitary items to dispose of after your walk.

Protect creeks and lakes
Don't use soap, toothpaste or detergent in freshwater lakes or creeks, as they pollute the water.

Respect Indigenous culture
Rock art and other sites in parks and forests represent thousands of years of living culture with special significance to indigenous people. These sites are easily damaged and are irreplaceable. Look at them, enjoy them, but please do not touch or damage them.