Social and economic data

Isaac Regional Council provides the following research and statistical resources:


REMPLAN are specialists in providing area-specific data. They provide information needed to make important decisions.

The community profile provides information pertaining population, migration, education, work, housing, well-being and trends. Most of these examples can also be benchmarked against Queensland and Mackay SD (SA4), (which is the Mackay, Isaac and Whitsunday regions).

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Population Reports

The ‘Economic & Population Review Isaac Region’ 2016 prepared by Norling Consulting Pty Ltd was prepared to inform the Isaac Region Planning Scheme. It contains a range of demographic information including population projections for towns and growth scenarios. Council has utilised scenario 2 projection as a basis for the provision of infrastructure and community service needs. It is anticipated that this report will be updated in 2022 after release of the 2021 Census data.

Another report, ‘Extrinsic Material to the Local Government Infrastructure Plan’ rev 1.4 2020, also prepared by Norling Consulting Pty Ltd utilised more current input data to formulate the Planning Assumptions contained in the Local Government Infrastructure Plan (part 4 Isaac Region Planning Scheme). This report is a customised report for a particular project and should be read with reference to the Priority Infrastructure Area mapping associated with the Local Government Infrastructure Plan.

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