Australia Day Awards - Citizen of the Year, Beryl Neilsen

Congratulations to Beryl Neilsen our Citizen of the Year

Local philanthropist Beryl Neilsen was honoured with the region’s Citizen of the Year award, selected from a field of 27 nominees.

“Beryl is a true champion of the bush, working tirelessly to advocate for and provide educational opportunities to rural and regional children,” Mayor Anne Baker said.

“In 2011, she founded the John and Beryl Neilsen Winchester Foundation which funds scholarships for geographically remote children, allowing them to attain a secondary and tertiary education or study a trade.

“The Winchester Foundation also funds a range of school excursions and camps for children in rural and remote areas.”

Young Citizen of the Year - Caitlin Petersen

Caitlin regularly volunteers with the Mackay Regional Community Legal Centre and works part time to support her education. Caitlin hopes to have a career in policy and public relations so that she may continue to serve to the community.

Caitlin was selected to represent her community as the Youth Member for Mirani at the Queensland Youth Parliament. She was then elected by her peers to the position of Minister for Primary Industries and the Environment.

She represented Australia as a delegate to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Marrakech, Morocco, working with participants and stakeholder groups to produce and present recommendations to the United Nations for consideration.

This achievement is in addition to her many volunteering endeavours including: mentoring first-year students at CQ University; mentoring indigenous students during secondary schooling to help close the gap; involvement with the Campus Life committee; and service with the SES.

Caitlin has also achieved her Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards and is a Diamond Jubilee recipient.

Event of the Year - Queensland Music Festival - The Power Within

Approximately 280 community members from across the Isaac region came together to create and perform THE POWER WITHIN as part of the Queensland Music Festival.

Over a nine month period, community members worked with a team of professional creatives to develop this project, which culminated in two twilight performances on 28 and 29 July, as part of the 2017 Queensland Music Festival.

The project achieved national media coverage, and was seen by more than 5,500 audience members. Community participants came together from a region the size of Tasmania, including youth and adults from Clermont, Nebo, Middlemount, Dysart, Glenden and Moranbah.

Under the leadership of Creative Producer Marguerite Pepper and Writer/Director David Burton, skills development workshops were delivered in each of these communities, with project artists Emma Dean (choral development), Steve Russell (Music Director), and Neridah Waters (Choreography).

As we mentioned earlier, the success of this project was largely due to the passion, talent, commitment, and hard work of the community participants, whose contributions ranged from solo and ensemble performances, to ferrying school children to and from rehearsals.

Behind the scenes, there were many stories of individuals who went above and beyond to be part of this production, overcoming personal adversity, and dedicating untold hours in the preparation.

Mayor's Awards

Carmila – Caitlin Petersen

Caitlin is actively involved in her local community. She has served as a Youth Ambassador for Isaac Regional Council, International and Community director of the Interact Club of Sarina, Vice President of the Carmila Sporting Association, referee and coach for Carmila Basketball, and organiser and convenor of Youth Making a Change.

She is a role model to her peers and other young people in the community.

Clermont - Caroline Gillies

Caroline is the definition of selflessness. There really isn’t anything she wouldn’t do for her community.
Caroline is always the first person to put her hand up to help. Caroline volunteered for many hours over many school years with the St Joseph’s P&F committee. Even once her children had finished school she was still helping them out. 

If she wasn’t at the school she was at St Mary’s Church. Again volunteering more of her time. Known to be the backbone of the trusty bake sale stall at the parish fete every year, Caroline spends countless hours and her own money baking hundreds of her famous peach blossoms for the community. People come in droves, travelling from near and far for Caroline’s peach blossoms. They are a Clermont favourite.

If this wasn’t enough on her plate she also took on the responsibility of being the Meals on Wheels President for the Clermont area. She did this for over 30 years only retiring from her position this year. Caroline also ran the hospital kitchen six years ago when the kitchen staff went on strike. For over 10 years Caroline volunteered to run the baking department at the Clermont Show. For weeks prior to the show she would be organising judges, prizes and setting up the display. This also meant she had to give up going and enjoying the show with her loved ones for the enjoyment of others. That is dedication. She has also helped out at St Vincent de Paul for the past two years.

Caroline is a legend around town. The amount of time she has spent helping others is absolutely incredible.
She is an inspiration to many, a friendly face to the oldies of Clermont and a deserving 2018 Mayor’s Award for Clermont winner.

Dysart – Patrice Brown

Patrice’s passion and dedication to our local junior rugby league club is second to none.

She is currently the president of Dysart Junior Rugby League Club and this is her second year in this role.

She has previously served as the treasurer for a number of the years before that as well as being an under-8s coach and also helped FAO for the club. Patrice has always puts the needs of the club before any other commitment. Patrice is loved by all the club’s little bulls and she is very fond of all them also.

The amount of time she has spent helping others is absolutely incredible. Patrice is an inspiration to many, a friendly face to the community of Dysart and a very deserving 2018 Mayor’s Award for Dysart winner.

Glenden – Milissa Payne

Milissa has lived in Glenden for more than three decades. Over the years Milissa and her horses have represented the area in local, state and national competition.

She has shown that dedication to your passions pay off by achieving Australian Quarter Horse Association High Point Amateur Title for Queensland in 2013 and third in Australia. 

More recently, Milissa has given up her own time to stand up for what she loves and believes in. She knew Glenden could not take another hit like losing its only supermarket when the owners decided to close it down, so she took it on without hesitation. She has been a vocal advocate for small mining towns and the issues they are facing.

Milissa is always at any town event for fundraiser to lend a hand and have some fun. Her dedication and love of her town and shire is without a doubt deserving of this award.

Middlemount – Amanda Locke

Amanda is a dedicated and enthusiastic member of our community. Through her role at CTM links she encourages community spirit and development.

If you ever had an idea, Amanda went beyond her position to make it a successful event. Despite family illnesses, she pushed on and did everything in her power to ensure Middlemount had as many opportunities as they could to put smiles on faces and experience activities only big cities can bring.

Amanda is dedicated to organising welcome to Middlemount events, art and culture events and children’s movie night shows. She also attends community group meetings with organisations such as the Middlemount Community School P & C and Isaac Regional Council.

Her true community spirit and commitment to Middlemount is why she is our very deserving 2018 Mayor’s Award for Middlemount winner.

Moranbah - Naiomi McGilvray

Whenever help is requested Naomi always puts up her hand. Whether it is helping out at soccer club, triathlon events, Simply Sunshine the day-care centre, the school that her children attend, or the Highlanders swimming club, just to name a few, Naomi is always there.

Having been involved with the swimming club in Moranbah her entire life, she then became coach from 2005 to 2009. These days Naomi is a mum at the swimming club and her two boys are swimmers for the club.

She is instrumental in fundraising efforts, swim camps, carnivals and working bees and has worked tirelessly in her own time to benefit the kids, always with a smile for them. 

Nebo – Michael Hancock

Mick is a long-standing supporter of local police and emergency services and is always willing to offer his assistance in whatever way is needed.

In spite of declining health, he is always willing to put his hand up to volunteer. This has included push mowing the 1.5 acres around the Nebo police station to prepare for a visit by an Assistant Commissioner, volunteering three days of his time to get the job done.

What makes this remarkable is that whilst providing this invaluable assistance to the local community, especially the police station, Mick has been battling with his own health issues including the removal if his ear due to skin cancer. He is truly an unsung hero!

St Lawrence – Malcolm McKenzie

Malcolm has been an active supporter of local community and district events over many years. He has been a volunteer or executive member on numerous local groups and committees.

His list of community involvement is lengthy and includes St Lawrence Race Days, St Lawrence Annual Primac Store Sale, local dances, pictures in old St Lawrence Hall, Catholic Christmas fairs, Driver Reviver at Waverley Creek Rest Area, Anzac Day ceremonies, Landcare, St Lawrence State School P&C, tennis, cricket and line dancing. He has been a member of the Wumalgi Rural Fire Brigade for more than 50 years and was an inaugural member and later controller of the St Lawrence SES Group.

He was an inaugural committee member of the St Lawrence and District Recreation and Equestrian Management Group, president of St Lawrence Recreation Group and president and instructor at the Marlborough and District Pony Club.

Local Awards

Individual Achievement Medallion – Achievement  Carol Booth
Individual Achievement Medallion – Achievement Margaret Martyn
Individual Achievement Medallion – Sport Aaron Kleier
Individual Achievement Medallion – Culture Grant Oswald
Group Achievement Medallion – Achievement Clermont Campdraft Committee for Clermont ACA National Finals
Group Achievement Medallion – Sport Clermont Bears Senior Rugby League Club for Clermont QLD Cup Match
Group Achievement Medallion – Culture “The Power Within” Cast and Crew for Queensland Music Festival
Individual Achievement Medallion – Achievement  Adrian Dawson
Individual Achievement Medallion – Sport  Makenzie Rowe
Individual Achievement Medallion – Culture William Sing
Group Achievement Medallion – Achievement  Dysart Junior Rugby League Club for Dysart Community Christmas Party
Group Achievement Medallion – Culture Dysart Junior Rugby League Club for Dysart Community Christmas Party
Individual Achievement Medallion – Achievement Milissa Payne
Individual Achievement Medallion – Culture  Jasmine Rose Plowman
Group Achievement Medallion – Culture “The Power Within” Cast and Crew for Queensland Music Festival
Individual Achievement Medallion – Achievement  Jamie Sullivan
Individual Achievement Medallion – Sport Darren and Peta Muller
Individual Achievement Medallion – Culture Darren Muller
Group Achievement Medallion – Achievement Middlemount Senior Panthers Rugby League for 2017 Rugby Season
Group Achievement Medallion – Sport Middlemount Boxing and Fitness
Group Achievement Medallion – Culture “The Power Within” Cast and Crew for Queensland Music Festival
Individual Achievement Medallion – Achievement Gerad Corkill
Individual Achievement Medallion – Sport Lilly Ahmat
Individual Achievement Medallion – Culture Reginald John Edward Little
Group Achievement Medallion – Achievement WSD Solutions for Isaac Regional Health Expo
Group Achievement Medallion – Sport Moranbah Highlanders Swimming Club fior Moranbah 2017 Swim Camp
Group Achievement Medallion – Culture “The Power Within” Cast and Crew for Queensland Music Festival
Individual Achievement Medallion – Achievement  Peter O’Hanlon
Individual Achievement Medallion – Culture Elizabeth Payne
Group Achievement Medallion – Sport

Nebo Bushman’s Carnival Inc for 2017 Nebo Rodeo

Group Achievement Medallion – Culture 

“The Power Within” Cast and Crew for Queensland Music Festival

St Lawrence
Individual Achievement Medallion – Achievement  Craig Coleman
Individual Achievement Medallion – Culture  Donald Laird