Changes to Divisional Boundaries and Voting Options

As the Isaac Region population grows and shifts the number of voters in each local government area changes. In the year prior to each Local Government Quadrennial Election, internal boundaries (divisions) are reassessed by the Local Government Change Commission to ensure that each division has relatively the same number of electors. This upholds the key democratic principle of ‘one vote, one value’, by ensuring each person’s vote carries the same weight.

In 2019 the Local Government Change Commission finalised the review and the Electoral Commission Queensland has provided to Isaac Regional Council the finalised divisional maps. The current finalised map includes changes that voters should be aware of to ensure ease of voting on election day. To find your Council division click here or you can use an interactive map by typing in your address.

NOTE:  Each of the Isaac Region's Local Government Boundaries have been changed.  Please take the time to check which division you are which you can do by visiting  

Additionally, pursuant to section 45(1) of the Local Government Electoral Act 2011, Council's application to conduct the 2020 quadrennial Local Government elections by postal ballot in Division 1 and Division 8 has been approved. All other divisions will be conducted by attendance voting.