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Clairview, located on the Bruce Highway between Rockhampton and Mackay, is a popular fishing and crabbing beach side community with a boat ramp for convenience.

To reduce the impact on the environment and due to limited facilities, camping is not permitted on any public areas in Clairview. However, Council encourages campers to make use of local private operator BarraCrab Caravan Park.

Dugong Sanctuary

In 1997, the Great Barrier Reef Ministerial Council established Clairview as a Dugong Sanctuary. The fully protected Dugong is a large herbivorous mammal which spends its entire life in the sea. It has paddle-like forelimbs, no hind limbs or dorsal fin, and its tail is broad and horizontally flattened. Adults grow between 2.5-3.5m long and weigh about 230-420kg. 

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