Breeding dogs in Isaac

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Having pups?

How will animal management laws affect you

The Queensland Government's dog breeder registration laws promote the responsible breeding of dogs due to concerns about the welfare of dogs and puppies sold and supplied in Queensland.   Anyone with a female dog that has a litter is classed as a breeder.

Under this legislation, all persons who breed dogs, apart from genuine working dog breeders (in certain circumstances), must have an identification number, known as a supply number.  This means that whether you are a regular breeder or your dog has puppies that you provide to family and friends, you need to have a supply number.

A supply number relates to you and not your dog. So once you have one, it is yours for life.

It’s very easy to obtain a Supply Number.  All a dog breeder must do is register on the Queensland Dog Breeder Register.  This can be done prior to any pups being born, but must be done within 28 days of their puppies being born.

More information 

Who is a breeder and do I need to register? 

A Breeder is any person who has, or is responsible for, any female dog that has a litter.  It does not matter how many dogs are owned, and the breed of dog is not relevant.

Can I still sell my puppies online, privately or through a pet shop?

Yes. However, if you sell a dog or puppy through a pet shop or retailer, they must use the supply number identifying you as the breeder.

If someone else gives away, supplies, sells or advertises your puppies, they must use the supply number identifying you as the breeder.

From 26 May 2017, it is a breach of the law to giveaway, supply, sell or advertise a dog or puppies without a supply number that identifies the origin of the dog.

Penalties and reporting

Is there a penalty if I sell my puppies and I’m not registered?

Yes.  It is an offence if you fail to register as a Breeder and you are giving away, supplying, selling or advertising your dogs’ puppies born on or after 26 May 2017.

More information

For further information, please call the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries on 13 25 23 or visit their website

Restricted dog breeds

Council Officers have noticed an increase in restricted dog breeds as per the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008 within Isaac. 

The following breeds of dogs, including those that substantially meet the description of these breeds, are prohibited in the Isaac Region (and within Queensland):

  • American pit-bull terrier
  • American pit-bull terrier types
  • Dogo argentine
  • Fila brasileiro
  • Japanese tosa
  • Presa canaris