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The Isaac region covers an area larger than 58,800sqkms and services a significant number of small to medium communities. Due to the often-isolated nature of the communities, in the event of a disaster or emergency - such as a flood or power outage - many communities may be cut off from communications with Council.

Council’s vision and values incorporate our desire to build communities and care for each other’s wellbeing. It is therefore imperative to have an open line of communication with all our communities, the means to receive on the ground and real time information as well as communicate Council information so that our own communities are informed and safe.

Council identified the need to build a network of key contacts around its communities to inform council and support residents in times of disaster.

Who can be a community contact?

  • We are looking for community-minded people with a sound local knowledge and contacts.
  • They should have good interpersonal, verbal, relationship building and written skills with an understanding of different forms of communication in your community (i.e. phone, text, social media, notice board).
  • People who are leaders in their community and are actively involved in community groups and events.
  • People who have productive relationships with neighbours, local friends and family.
  • Permanent residents of the follow 32 community districts:
Belyando Coppabella Kilcummin Colaroy
Blue Mountain Elgin Lotus Creek Ilbilbie
Burton Elphinstone Mackenzie River Oxford
Carmila Frankfield May Downs Pasha
Clairview Gemini Mountains Mistake Creek Peak Vale
Clarke Creek Hail Creek Mount Britton Valkyrie
Wolfang Clermont Dysart Glenden
Middlemount Moranbah Nebo St Lawrence


Who can not be a community contact?

  • Current emergency response volunteers (family members of an emergency response volunteer are encouraged to register).

What are the key requests for a contact?

  • To provide any relevant information about the community to Council during a disaster or emergency.
  • Have community awareness of disaster prevention, preparedness, response and recovery activities.
  • Able to build community spirit, passion and pure people power.
  • Able to strengthen the partnership between the community and Council.
  • To provide information as a trusted source.
  • Please be aware that as a contact you do not have any responsibility to Council if you choose. To be a contact is on a voluntary basis with the understanding that Council intends to only use the contacts as a means of gathering information when required. No disciplinary action will be taken against contacts that do not respond or report to Council at any time.

When will contact details be used?

Isaac Regional Council is collecting personal information to assist in obtaining contact details to enable the provision of on the ground and real-time information during times of disaster and/or emergency events in the Isaac Region.
Personal information will be used by Council officers authorised to assist in the management and coordination of this service. The information will not be given to any other person or agency unless required by law or unless permission is sought from the person declared within this request.
Personal information will be handled in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2009.

Contact details may be given to suitably qualified and authorised persons (Police, SES, etc.) during times of disaster or emergency for them to perform their responsibilities.

Additional information

The form is to express interest in being a community emergency contact and the registrant may not be selected or utilised as an Emergency Community Contact.

Residents can register their interest in becoming an emergency community contact by completing the form.

Register as an emergency community contact

Email the completed form to: ldcc.isaac@isaac.qld.gov.au

Residents who would like more information can contact Maria Borg on 1300 472 227.