Isaac communities will continue to evolve and change: our population will grow and the challenges we meet today may well be very different from those that we will face in the future.

Many of us, regardless of our age or location, enjoy living in the region because of the opportunities to spend time with family and develop strong and honest relationships with our neighbours and friends.

We value the relative safety of where we live and believe our children are accepted and cared for. It is this connectivity and community spirit that many of us have identified as being essential to the quality of life in our smaller communities.

Many of us enjoy living in the region because of a desire to lead active and healthy outdoor lifestyles. We value spending time with our families: fishing, camping and boating, in the region's recreational reserves as well as visiting parks and gardens.

Many of us have come to the region because of work opportunities in the coal mining industry and we choose to remain living here because of the lifestyle associated with smaller rural communities. We value community spirit, country town living, safe and secure environments and friendly communicative residents.

Many of us enjoy living in the region and appreciate the ability to access a range of services however, the distances we travel to visit family and friends and to access larger centres and essential services impede our ability to become long term residents in some of our communities.

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