General Complaints

Make your complaint count … it's easy as 1,2,3

Do you have a complaint about your local council or a government department? Don't know how to sort out the problem? The Queensland Ombudsman is encouraging people to make their complaint count, launching a new information brochure (PDF, 927KB) that features advice, top tips and a handy tear-off checklist.

Complaints Management Process Policy  (PDF, 232KB)

For more information, visit the Queensland Ombudsman website.

Administrative complaints

For complaints relating to an administrative action of council or alleged minor breach by a councillor of the council's Code of Conduct for Councillors or dissatisfaction with a council product or service refer to council's Administrative Complaints Policy (PDF, 167KB) and Council's Administration Action Complaints Form (PDF).

You can lodge a privacy related complaint using Council's Information Privacy Complaint Form (PDF, 108KB), see details on Council's Information Privacy Information here.

Public Interest Disclosure

The Public Interest Disclosures Act 2010 (the PID Act) aims to ensure that government is open and accountable by providing protection for those who speak out about wrongdoing or in other words, make a public interest disclosure (PID). Making a public interest disclosure is sometimes referred to as ‘whistleblowing'. Reporting suspected wrongdoing is vital to the integrity of the Queensland public sector. Find out more on PID