Translating/Interpreting Service (TIS)

Council now offers a service that allows effective communication with our customers of non-English backgrounds. Embracing different cultures, the free service (TIS) is intended for those where English is not a first language to assist residents by understanding matters such as:

  • TIS logoRates;
  • Food Licencing Applications;
  • Building & Plumbing Applications;
  • Planning Application;
  • Water & Waste Water Applications;
  • Citizenships Ceremonies;
  • Customer Service Enquires;
  • Local Laws; and
  • Resource Recovery.

The free service is assisted by the Department of Social Services. This supports staff in understanding requests and ensuring accurate and efficient service delivery.

For more information on the conditions of this service, call Council on 1300 ISAACS (472 227) or visit the TIS online website