Effective from 14 December 2012 and in accordance with Chapter 6, Part 4, Section 237 of the Local Government Regulation 2012 a local government must, as soon as practicable after entering a contract worth $200,000 or more (GST Exclusive), publish the relevant details of the contract on the local government's website; and display the relevant details of the contract in a conspicuous place in the local government's public office. The relevant details must also be published or displayed for a period of at least 12 months.

Contract Number Contractor Details Contract Value Commencement Date Completion Date
IRCT2053-1117-090 GNM Group (QLD) Pty Ltd

MBH Reservoir and Associated Works Project - TP 4 Reticulation Upgrade

N/A January 2018 May 2018

Bennett Contracting & Plant Hire
AP Graham                        WN & JA Cruickshank Pty Ltd

Bellequip Pty Ltd

Mark Robertson Earthmoving

Rural Roads Maintenance Grading - PSA N/A February 2018 February 2020
IRCQ2024-1117-384 SMEC Phillips Creek Bridge Replacement Design Consultancy   15 February 2018 31 July 2018
IRCQ2084-0917-362 2016 NDRRA Program Restoration Works Epoca Constructions Pty Ltd   January 2018  


Roadside Slashing & Vegetation Control – PSA Roadside slashing & vegetation control Isaac Region

Schedule of Rates

January 2018 (period of 2 years) January 2020
IRCQ2084-1017-371 Cardno (QLD) NDRRA Project Superintendency Role N/A TBA TBA
IRCT2053-0917-085 Contractor Epoca Constructions Pty Ltd MBH Reservoir and Associated Works Project - TP 2 MBH WTP Raw Water Pipeline N/A TBA TBA
IRCQ2084-0917-342 Nissan Motors and Mackay City Auto Group Supply of Motor Vehicles - Panel arrangement N/A November 2017 N/A
IRCT2023-0917-081 G & R Brown Dysart Irrigation Dam - Remediation Works N/A 20-27 November 2017 TBA
IRCQ2054-0917-352 Rock N Road Bitumen Bitumen Sealing Saraji Rd and Mbh Access Rd N/A 11/17 90 days
IRCT2053-0917-089 Roebuck Civil Moranbah Reservoir and Associated Works Project - TP 3 Trunk Main Pipelines N/A N/A N/A
IRCT2015-0917-092 MMM Catering Management & Operation Services Theresa Creek Dam Facility N/A 8 January 2018 3 Years + 2 Year Option
IRCT2035-0717-086 Gabriel Wade and Hinemoa Donna Davie Lease Agreement – Glenden Swimming Pool N/A September 2017 September 2022
IRCT2073-0617-080 Roebuck Civil Nebo Borefield Expansion – Equipping Bore 7 N/A N/A N/A
IRCQ2014-0817-338  Crokers Truck Centre Two 15T Trucks Clermont $472,428.00 October 2017 N/A
IRCQ2014-0817-339  Crokers Truck Centre Prime Mover Clermont


October 2017 N/A

Centrecourt Constructions

Construction of Hardcour Renewal and Repair Program - Isaac Region (W4Q) $1,614,559.28 
(Ex GST)
September 2017 30 November 2017
IRCT1414-0617-065 Stirloch Constructions Pty Ltd Moranbah Reservoir and Associated Works Project – Tender Package 1 Moranbah WTP 15ML Reservoir and Associated Civil Works $3,384,733.00 September 2017 Until completion
IRCQ1414-0317-225 DOWDENS GROUP PTY LTD Middlemount Water Treatment Chemical Dosing Upgrade $759,039.60 September 2017 Until completion
Local Buy Contract BUS 254 - 1215 AECOM AUSTRALIA PTY LTD

NDRRA – Stage 3 Consultancy

$1,003,270.40 September 2017 Until completion
IRCT1414-1116-045 F K Gardner & Son Mbh Resource Recovery Centre Improvement & Expansion Project BoR (Construction) $6,994,809.67 March 2017 October 2017
IRCT1415-0516-046 Aquacomm Lease of Clermont Swimming Pool N/A 01/09/2016 31/08/2021
IRCT1415-0516-046 M Volpe Lease of Dysart Swimming Pools N/A 01/09/2016 31/08/2021
IRCT1424-1216-060 Panel of Suppliers Winning, Crushing, Screening and Stockpiling of Gravel   N/A March 2017 24 Months + option extension
IRCT1414-0916-048 The Workwear Group Pty Ltd Supply of Corporate Wardrobe & PP Clothing N/A 01/07/2017 01/07/2019
IRCT1344-1216-062 Haber Excavations Pty Ltd St Lawrence Resource Recovery Centre Landfill Rehabilitation Works $535,150.00 TBC 7 Weeks
IRCT1414-1116-059 G & R Brown Pavement Rehabilitation for Peak Downs Mine Road, Moranbah TBA March 2017 June 2017
IRCT1414-0916-051 Panel Arrangement  Panel of Preferred Suppliers for the Supply of Quarry Materials N/A  February 2017 24 Months
IRCT1414-0816-055 VEC Civil Engineering Pty Ltd Cherwell Creek Bridge Replacement 


January 2017 Until completion
IRCT1413-0716-050  Panel Arrangement Preferred Supplier Arrangements for General Goods & Services N/A January 2017 30/09/2018
IRCT1424-0816-049 SEALS Brisbane Pty Ltd  Supply of Polymer Stabilisation Aid N/A October 2016 24 Months
IRCT1414-1116-058 G & R Brown & Sons Pty Ltd Provision of Maintenance Crew for RMPC - Various Locations - Isaac Region $542,080.00 (inc GST) February 2017 June 2017
IRCT1414-0916-057  Clermont Concrete & Construction Drainage Works for Golden Downs Road Seal Extension Project $435,094.00 30/11/16 09/01/17
IRCQ1414-0716-166 Crokers Truck Centre Three (3) Single Rated Prime Movers $682,278.00 N/A N/A
IRCQ1424-0716-167 Komatsu Supply of one GD655-5 Grader plus accessories with extended warranty $466,730.00 N/A N/A
IRCQ1414-0216-084 Mackay City Auto Group Supply of motor vehicles $963,673.45 N/A N/A



GHD Pty Ltd Moranbah Resource Recovery Centre - Improvement and Expansion Project


(inc GST)

29/09/16 31/07/17
IRCT-1425-0915-023  WHF Group Pty Ltd Design and Construction of Boardwalks at Hoods Lagoon, Clermont $553,935.80 (inc GST) 14/09/16 04/11/16
IRCT1324-0216-042 Monadelphous Engineering Pty Ltd Dysart WTP Upgrade $4,996,291.30 01/09/16 31/12/17
IRCQ-1414-0316-091 Vella's Civil Red Hill Road Reconstruction - Stage 1 $392,207.56 15/08/16 30/09/16
IRCT-1344-0616-047 Kentscapes St Lawrence Facilities Maintenance $250,800.00 01/08/16 31/08/18
IRCQ-1414-0616-151 Civil Support Management and Superintendent Services - Cherwell Creek Bridge Upgrade $226,204.00 01/07/16 31/03/17
IRCT1416-0216-037 Jardine Lloyd Thompson Provision of Insurance (inc Insurance Brokering Services) $1,007,302.35 30/06/16 30/06/19

TSM Solutions

Green Cloud

LGA Cloud

Systems Thinking

Provision of Business Intelligence Developers   28/06/16 27/06/18
IRCQ-1424-0316-092 Boral Asphalt Bitumen Sealing on Braeside, Wuthung & Red Hill Roads $405,484.80 19/04/16 Until completion
IRCQ-1344-0116-039 WN & JA Cruickshank Upgrade Approaches to Phillips Creek Bridge $900,578.80 21/03/16 30/06/16
IRCT1344-1215-034 Mark Robertson Earthmoving Mackenzie River Civil Works $545,761.70 (inc) 29/02/16 29/04/16
IRCC1444-0915-032 Bennett Contracting and Plant Hire Pty Ltd 2014 Event NDRRA West $1,816,257 30/11/15 05/04/16
IRCC1314-0915-032 Bennett Contracting and Plant Hire Pty Ltd 2014 Event NDRRA Central $1,318,736 30/11/15 05/04/16
IRCC1415-006 Downer Pty Ltd For the Provision of Stabilisation & Sealing – Mt Stuart-Bedford Weir Road & Grasstree Road $1,033,348.58 (inc) 22/10/15 Three months or until practical completion awarded by IRC
BB&GRRTG-1516-01 Boral Resources QLD Pty Ltd Bowen Basin & Gladstone Regional Roads & Transport Groups 2015/16 Bitumen Reseals $1,290,736.75 (ex GST) 19/10/15 30/11/15
IRCC1344-0715-025 Epoca Constructions Pty Ltd IRC 2014 NDRRA Program – East Construction Package $4,008,473.34 (inc) 06/10/15 April 2016
IRCC1234-0215-017 Wizard Drilling Nebo Water Supply Construction of Test, Observation and Production Bores $159,324.00 (inc) 01/10/15 01/01/16
IRCC1516-001 Bennett Contracting & Plant Hire Gravel winning, screening, crushing and/or stockpiling, various locations, Clermont and surrounds $368,796 14/09/15 13/11/15
IRCC1415-0615-021 Vitale Services Group Pty Ltd Management of Greg Cruickshank Aquatic Centre, Moranbah N/A 01/09/15 01/09/18
IRCT-1414-0215-012 Dowdens Pumping & Water Treatment Irrigation Systems - Various $480,359 (inc. GST) 24/08/15 31/12/15
IRCC-1414-0215-013 BRW Transport & Quarries Pty Ltd Concrete Crushing at Moranbah and Dysart Landfills $488,400 (inc GST) 29/06/15 29/08/15
IRCT-1324-0515-013 Water Infrastructure Group Dysart Water Treatment Plant Upgrade $844,207.28
(incl. GST)
IRCT1414-0115-011 ADEPT Contractors Pty Ltd Bacon Street Storm Water Project Stage 2A & 2B   04/05/15 TBC
IRCC-1414-1114-005 Marlee Constructions
Supply & Installation of Shade Structures   30/03/2015 TBC
IRCT-1335-0914-038 WHF Group Construction of the Dysart Medical Centre Project $763,336 (incl. GST) 10/02/2015 June 2015
IRCC-1114-1214-006 Skill Tech (Cairns Regional Council Contract 75349) Installation of Water Meters in Clermont, Moranbah and Nebo   10/12/14 28/02/15
IRCC-1348-0314-009 ISS FACILITY SERVICES Dysart & Middlemount Town Mowing & Maintenance  $336,173.40 01/10/14 01/10/17
IRCC-1114-0814-005 Isaac Regional Council on behalf of Department of Main Roads Road Maintenance Contract   01/07/14 30/06/15
IRCC-1415-0414-043-01 Sommer & Staff Constructions Pty Ltd Construction of new IRC Administration Building   01/04/14 01/03/15
IRC-1115-1112-086 Elster Metering Pty Ltd Supply of Municipal Water Meter Equipment   26/02/2013 25/02/2015
IRCC-1114-0809-00 JJ Richards Waste Management Services $1,500,000 05/10/09 04/10/16