Effective from 14 December 2012 and in accordance with Chapter 6, Part 4, Section 237 of the Local Government Regulation 2012 a local government must, as soon as practicable after entering a contract worth $200,000 or more (GST Exclusive), publish the relevant details of the contract on the local government's website; and display the relevant details of the contract in a conspicuous place in the local government's public office. The relevant details must also be published or displayed for a period of at least 12 months.

Contract Number Contractor Details Contract Value Commencement Date Completion Date
IRCQ2063-1218-546 Dowdens Pumping and Water Treatment

Drilling and Installation of casing and screens for Nebo Bore 3 and 4

$281,987.00 (ex GST) TBA TBA
IRCT2063-0818-126 Dowdens Group Pty Ltd Design & Construction of Nebo Water Treatment Plant $4,863,719.00 ex GST            TBA TBA
IRCQ2054-0818-470 Projex Partners Pty Ltd Survey, Investigation & Pavement Design for Pasha Road and Englefield Road

$267,990.00 ex GST              

IRCT2084-0818-125 Rock N Road Bitumen 2018-19 Construction Bituminous Surfacing $2,184,597.75 ex GST TBA TBA

Mack Trucks
(Crockers Truck Centre)


(Crockers Truck Centre Pty Ltd)

Provision of 2 X 15t GVM TRUCKS


Price Truck One(1)
Price Truck Two (2)

IRCT2045-0518-118 Splash-A-Bout Swim School Pty Ltd Management and Operation of Middlemount Swimming Pool $99,000.00 (Per Annum) September 2018 August 2021


AFM Gas Solutions Pty Ltd Generators and Auto Transfer Switches for all WTP's and STP's across Isaac Region $324,850.12 ex GST TBA TBA
IRCT2063-0118-105 Nixon Plumbing S&I of Rising Main for Nebo Bore Construction Phase 3 $342,804.00 TBA TBA
IRCT2014-0518-117 BRMA Pty Ltd T/A BMX Tracks Australia Design & Construct Clermont BMX Track $445,793.20 TBA TBA
IRCT2084-0318-113 Mark Robertson Earthmoving Construction of Waitara Floodways 222,391.16 ex GST July 2018 Until Completion
IRCQ2054-1117-389 Fulton Hogan Industries Pty Ltd Asphalt Works Moranbah Access Road $403,723.40 July 2018 Until Completion
IRCT2063-0218-0219 Dowdens Group Pty Ltd Installation of New Inlet Screen at Nebo Sewage Treatment Plant $252,217.40 (ex GST) July 18 Until completion
IRCT1324-0218-107 Roebuck Civil Pty Ltd DYS MMT Sludge Drying Beds $1,244,526.50 (inc GST) 23 July 2018 Until completion
IRCT2084-0118-104   F.K Gardner and Sons Pty Ltd Isaac Regional Effluent Storage Dams $2,583,571.95 4 June 2018 TBA
IRCT2043-0218-110 Tapping Solutions Australia Pty Ltd MTT WTP Upgrade - Installation of a Proprietary Packaged Waste Water System $263,270.70 May 2018 TBA
IRCT2085-1217-101  Crowe & Horwath

Provision of Internal Audit Services

Schedule of Rates 1 May 2018 1 May 2018 + 1 year ext.
IRCT2084-1217-102 FK Gardner & Sons 2016/2017 NDRRA Restoration Works $38,983,285.21 (ex GST) TBA TBA

G&R Brown & Sons Pty Ltd

NDRRA Betterment Works Rolfe Creek May Downs Rd Pave & Seal

$1,280,214.77 (inc GST) TBA TBA
IRCQ-2084-0118-407   Cardno Holdings Pty Ltd Queensland Waterway Barrier Works Design and Investigation $250,750
ex GST)
April 2018 November 2018
IRCT2064-1217-103 Brown Contractors Drainage Upgrade & Pavement Rectification Works - Saleyard Drive

(ex GST)


Five Elements            Fulton Hogan Industries Pty Ltd        Reynolds Soil Technologies Pty Ltd  Seals Group                SGG Enterprises Pty Ltd                              Downer EDI Works              Claycrete Australia Pty Ltd

PSA Stabilising Aid across Isaac region S.O.R. February 2018 February 2020            
IRCT2053-1117-090 GNM Group (QLD) Pty Ltd

MBH Reservoir and Associated Works Project - TP 4 Reticulation Upgrade

(ex GST)
January 2018 May 2018

Bennett Contracting & Plant Hire
AP Graham                        WN & JA Cruickshank Pty Ltd

Bellequip Pty Ltd

Mark Robertson Earthmoving

Rural Roads Maintenance Grading - PSA Schedule of Rates February 2018 February 2020
IRCQ2024-1117-384 SMEC Phillips Creek Bridge Replacement Design Consultancy $348,520.00
(ex GST)
15 February 2018 31 July 2018
IRCQ2084-0917-362 2016 NDRRA Program Restoration Works Epoca Constructions Pty Ltd $4,701,740.78 January 2018  


Roadside Slashing & Vegetation Control – PSA Roadside slashing & vegetation control Isaac Region

Schedule of Rates

January 2018 (period of 2 years) January 2020
IRCQ2084-1017-371 Cardno (QLD) NDRRA Project Superintendency Role $1,304,226.00 TBA TBA
IRCT2053-0917-085 Contractor Epoca Constructions Pty Ltd MBH Reservoir and Associated Works Project - TP 2 MBH WTP Raw Water Pipeline $820,017.86
(ex GST)
IRCQ2084-0917-342 Nissan Motors and Mackay City Auto Group Supply of Motor Vehicles - Panel arrangement N/A November 2017 N/A
IRCT2023-0917-081 G & R Brown Dysart Irrigation Dam - Remediation Works $817,280.68 20-27 November 2017 TBA
IRCQ2054-0917-352 Rock N Road Bitumen Bitumen Sealing Saraji Rd and Mbh Access Rd $700,964.10 11/17 90 days
IRCT2053-0917-089 Roebuck Civil Moranbah Reservoir and Associated Works Project - TP 3 Trunk Main Pipelines $3,452,708.19
(ex GST)
IRCT2015-0917-092 MMM Catering Management & Operation Services Theresa Creek Dam Facility N/A 8 January 2018 3 Years + 2 Year Option
IRCT2035-0717-086 Gabriel Wade and Hinemoa Donna Davie Lease Agreement – Glenden Swimming Pool N/A September 2017 September 2022
IRCT2073-0617-080 Roebuck Civil Nebo Borefield Expansion – Equipping Bore 7 $313,186.04 N/A N/A
IRCQ2014-0817-338  Crokers Truck Centre Two 15T Trucks Clermont $472,428.00 October 2017 N/A
IRCQ2014-0817-339  Crokers Truck Centre Prime Mover Clermont


October 2017 N/A

Centrecourt Constructions

Construction of Hardcour Renewal and Repair Program - Isaac Region (W4Q) $1,614,559.28 
(Ex GST)
September 2017 30 November 2017
IRCT1414-0617-065 Stirloch Constructions Pty Ltd Moranbah Reservoir and Associated Works Project – Tender Package 1 Moranbah WTP 15ML Reservoir and Associated Civil Works $3,384,733.00 September 2017 Until completion
IRCQ1414-0317-225 DOWDENS GROUP PTY LTD Middlemount Water Treatment Chemical Dosing Upgrade $759,039.60 September 2017 Until completion
Local Buy Contract BUS 254 - 1215 AECOM AUSTRALIA PTY LTD

NDRRA – Stage 3 Consultancy

$1,003,270.40 September 2017 Until completion
IRCT1414-1116-045 F K Gardner & Son Mbh Resource Recovery Centre Improvement & Expansion Project BoR (Construction) $6,994,809.67 March 2017 October 2017
IRCT1415-0516-046 Aquacomm Lease of Clermont Swimming Pool N/A 01/09/2016 31/08/2021
IRCT1415-0516-046 M Volpe Lease of Dysart Swimming Pools N/A 01/09/2016 31/08/2021
IRCT1424-1216-060 Panel of Suppliers Winning, Crushing, Screening and Stockpiling of Gravel   N/A March 2017 24 Months + option extension
IRCT1414-0916-048 The Workwear Group Pty Ltd Supply of Corporate Wardrobe & PP Clothing N/A 01/07/2017 01/07/2019
IRCT1344-1216-062 Haber Excavations Pty Ltd St Lawrence Resource Recovery Centre Landfill Rehabilitation Works $535,150.00 TBC 7 Weeks
IRCT1414-1116-059 G & R Brown Pavement Rehabilitation for Peak Downs Mine Road, Moranbah TBA March 2017 June 2017
IRCT1414-0916-051 Panel Arrangement  Panel of Preferred Suppliers for the Supply of Quarry Materials N/A  February 2017 24 Months
IRCT1414-0816-055 VEC Civil Engineering Pty Ltd Cherwell Creek Bridge Replacement 


January 2017 Until completion
IRCT1413-0716-050  Panel Arrangement Preferred Supplier Arrangements for General Goods & Services N/A January 2017 30/09/2018
IRCT1424-0816-049 SEALS Brisbane Pty Ltd  Supply of Polymer Stabilisation Aid N/A October 2016 24 Months
IRCT1414-1116-058 G & R Brown & Sons Pty Ltd Provision of Maintenance Crew for RMPC - Various Locations - Isaac Region $542,080.00 (inc GST) February 2017 June 2017
IRCT1414-0916-057  Clermont Concrete & Construction Drainage Works for Golden Downs Road Seal Extension Project $435,094.00 30/11/16 09/01/17
IRCQ1414-0716-166 Crokers Truck Centre Three (3) Single Rated Prime Movers $682,278.00 N/A N/A
IRCQ1424-0716-167 Komatsu Supply of one GD655-5 Grader plus accessories with extended warranty $466,730.00 N/A N/A
IRCQ1414-0216-084 Mackay City Auto Group Supply of motor vehicles $963,673.45 N/A N/A



GHD Pty Ltd Moranbah Resource Recovery Centre - Improvement and Expansion Project


(inc GST)

29/09/16 31/07/17
IRCT-1425-0915-023  WHF Group Pty Ltd Design and Construction of Boardwalks at Hoods Lagoon, Clermont $553,935.80 (inc GST) 14/09/16 04/11/16
IRCT1324-0216-042 Monadelphous Engineering Pty Ltd Dysart WTP Upgrade $4,996,291.30 01/09/16 31/12/17
IRCT-1344-0616-047 Kentscapes St Lawrence Facilities Maintenance $250,800.00 01/08/16 31/08/18
IRCT1416-0216-037 Jardine Lloyd Thompson Provision of Insurance (inc Insurance Brokering Services) $1,007,302.35 30/06/16 30/06/19

TSM Solutions

Green Cloud

LGA Cloud

Systems Thinking

Provision of Business Intelligence Developers   28/06/16 27/06/18
IRCC1415-0615-021 Vitale Services Group Pty Ltd Management of Greg Cruickshank Aquatic Centre, Moranbah N/A 01/09/15 01/09/18