Current Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution

Infrastructure charges are levied on new developments to fund the cost of trunk infrastructure required to support development. The background material that underpins the Adopted Infrastructure Charge is drawn from the Local Government Infrastructure Plan in the Planning Schemes. The trunk infrastructure includes the key pieces of infrastructure that provide a distribution function and service the wider urban communities across the regional council area, for the following networks:

  • water supply
  • sewerage
  • stormwater
  • transport
  • parks

Charges are levied on development in accordance with the adopted charges resolution. 

The adopted charges resolution identifies the methodology for calculating the levied charge and identifies the different adopted charges for the various types of development.

An Infrastructure Charges Notice will be issued as part of a development approval to identify the amount of the levied charge and when it becomes payable. The adopted charges resolution also includes other necessary information, including the method for working out the cost of the infrastructure that is subject to an offset or refund and criteria for deciding a conversion application.

A copy of the Isaac Regional Council Charges Resolution (No. 3) 2021 can be downloaded here