Development Applications

Four men discussing plans on a building siteA development application is necessary for any development assessable under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 or one of our planning schemes. By referring to our Planning Schemes, you can find;

  • The zoning of any parcel of land,
  • What type of development is considered “assessable development” within any zone
  • The level of assessment for any assessable development: “code” or “impact” assessment
  • The criteria any development proposal will be assessed against

Types of Development

Isaac Regional Council's Planning Department assesses the following types of applications:

Material Change of Use: A Material Change of Use is required when establishing or re-establishing an assessable use on a site, or increasing the scale and intensity of an existing use.

Reconfiguration of a Lot: Reconfiguration of a Lot is required for subdivision or amalgamation of lots, boundary realignments and access easements.

Operational Work: Operational Work relates to the excavating or filling of land, placing an advertising device on premises, undertaking road works on Council roads and municipal works associated with a material change of use of premises or reconfiguring a lot.

Preparing and Lodging an application

All development applications must:

Council recommends that applications be lodged by post, over the counter, or by email.

Under the legislation, Council can only accept applications as properly made if the fees are paid, the forms are completed and all mandatory information is supplied correctly. Council recommends applicants use the services of a town planning consultant to assist in preparing any application.

For details, contact Isaac Regional Council's Planning Department.


All development applications are assessed in accordance with the Integrated Development Assessment System (IDAS) outlined in Chapter 6 of the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 (PDF). Council must complete their assessment within prescribed timeframes under this Act, but these timeframes vary if public notification or if any referrals are required.

To find out if a development requires State referral, please search the relevant property information utilising the DA mapping system.

The DLGP provides a 5 question survey that generates an IDAS flow chart with indicative timeframes for the application for a development permit.

All development applications are assessable against the requirements of Council’s Planning Schemes, Local Laws, and Engineering Standards.

Public Notification

Public Notification is required for all development considered “Impact” assessable under one of our Planning Schemes. Public Notification must be completed in accordance with Section 297 of the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 (PDF). See the DLGP Public Notification Guide (PDF) and Making a submission about a Development Application Guide (PDF).