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Dysart is a friendly community with modern facilities, including an Olympic-sized pool and nine-hole golf course. Established in 1973, the town caters to the coal mines of Saraji and Norwich Park as well as the many surrounding cattle and grain properties. Although built specifically to service the nearby mining operations, Dysart is a public town.

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Peak Range National Park

For a scenic drive, travel along the Peak Downs Highway for panoramic views of the Peak Range. The Peak Range is a chain of prominent and picturesque mountains between Moranbah, Clermont and Dysart. The sharp peaks are visible from a considerable distance across the flat country plains and are most spectacular viewed at sunrise and sunset.

The Peak Range is underlain by an extensive sequence of basalt flows and rhyolite/trachyte intrusive bodies, which erupted and emplaced between 30 and 26 million years ago. For more information visit the Peak Range National Park webpage.

Campbell's Peak

Campbell's Peak was first climbed on the 6th February 1845 by Ludwig Leichhardt. He named it after Mr Campbell of the Darling Downs who gave Leichhardt four young steers and a bullock for his expedition north. Leichhardt allegedly built a stone cairn on top of Campbell's Peak. Most of the prominent features of the Dysart area were named from this vantage point.

Peak Access: Access to the peak is via private property. For permission to climb the peak phone ‘Cotherstone Station' on (07) 4958 1225.

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Lord's Table Rest Area

Pack a picnic lunch and head out along the Huntley Road to dine at the Lord's Table Rest Area. You'll have the opportunity to dine amongst nature in its purest form with a sweeping view of the mountain. Remember to respect the environment and take all rubbish away with you.

Big Belly Dump Truck and Coal Wagon

At the northern entry point of Dysart is a unique monument. A Belly Dump Truck and a Coal Wagon were placed in a specially constructed park in recognition of the coal and rail industry and to celebrate Dysart's 25th Anniversary in 1998. This was one of two trucks commissioned in 1981 and formed part of the fleet of nine Euclid Coal haulers which operated at Norwich Park Mine until the end of 1997. The truck is powered by an 800HP Cummins engine and has a coal capacity of 120US/Tons.

Dysart Annual Arts and Craft Exhibition

For the arts and crafts lover an exhibition is held over the last weekend of May every year. Exhibitors are invited from all over Australia to show and demonstrate their craft. For more information please contact Dysart Arts and Crafts by phoning 4958 1074.Upcoming events page footer