Clermont Water Update

Clermont Water Quality Response Plan

As at November 2021

Isaac Regional Council is committed to maintaining, renewing and expanding its water infrastructure to meet the present and future needs of our communities in the Isaac region.
In partnership with government and industry, Council continues to invest significantly in this vital function as part of a focus on improving water infrastructure and service delivery.

Council acknowledges the region’s communities have experienced past issues in relation to water supply (security and quality), but is working hard to deliver long-term solutions, particularly in the area of drinking water quality. 

The Clermont Water Quality Response Plan, released in July 2020, has been updated periodically since this time and remains current as at November 2021.

Investing in Water Infrastructure

In 2019-20, Council is spending over $1M on maintaining and improving the region’s water infrastructure. In 20/21, over $2.5M has been approved and additional funds are also proposed to be spent specifically on projects relating to the sustainability of the Clermont water supply network.

Regular Updates

Council is committed to providing regular updates on the progress of the actions outlined in the Clermont Water Quality Response Plan. Regular updates on our progress will be made on Council’s website.

Each item outlined in the Clermont Water Quality Response Plan will be updated on the website so the Clermont community can regularly keep track of the progress.

Looking Back

Between 16 and 29 November 2018 Clermont was subject to a water discolouration incident associated with high turbidity influent water from Theresa Creek Dam (TCD). This was after a long dry period followed by a large inflow into the dam and the failure of an alum dosing pump whilst the plant was operating automatically after hours.

In February 2020, again following a period of dry weather followed by a high rainfall event and rapid filling of TCD, a discoloured water incident occurred associated with iron and manganese not being removed or stabilised through the treatment process. This resulted in very inconsistent water colour throughout the network. Even though we were able to adjust treatment processes and produce clear water from the Clermont Water Treatment Plant (WTP) on several occasions, the discolouration impacted some water customers up until early March 2020.

Looking Forward

There should be no doubt about the quality of drinking water in any of our communities, and Council is putting strategies in place to prevent further incidents from occurring.

Council has committed to providing the community with regular updates on their website, and provide an engagement opportunity for feedback.

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