Dingo Bounty

Dingos are established pest species within the Isaac region, requiring ongoing pest management by landholders and Isaac Regional Council.

Dingo Scalp Acceptance

Regional acceptance of dingo scalps is conducted through the Clermont Depot ONLY where Council will accept bounty claims on the second Tuesday of each month from 11am to 1pm. All dingo scalps must adhere to the appropriate presentation and preparation guidelines, failure to do so may result in refusal of claim.


Please contact your local Natural / Coastal Resource Officer on 1300 ISAACS (1300 47 22 27).

Frequently asked questions

For further information regarding the dingo bounty please see: IRC Bounty Service FAQs (PDF, 804KB)

Appropriate scalp presentation and preparation

For dingo scalps to be received and accepted by Isaac Regional Council staff the scalp must consist of:

A single piece of skin and fur, running from the snout, including the ears and running from the head, along the animal's back and including the tail.

All scalps must be properly removed from the animal, cleaned, dried and salted prior to submission to Council. Scalps submitted for bounty claims are not to be frozen or display traces of biological fluids. Scalps removed from animals which have consumed 1080 or strychnine baits will not be accepted due to human health concerns.


Authorisation of Removal of Scalps

The Authorisation of Removal of Dingo Scalps Form (PDF, 841KB) must be completed by both the Landowner and Claimant; the claim form is designed to collect all relevant information regarding the removal of scalps and parties involved. Claimants must ensure that all relevant details are completed and accurate prior to submitting the form and dingo scalps to the Authorised Acceptance office. Claim forms with incorrect or incomplete details will not be accepted.

Claim for Bonus Payment Forms

Claim for Bonus Payment Forms are supplied and completed by the Authorised officer of the Acceptance Office, a Claimant copy will be supplied on completion of acceptable claims. Unauthorised Claim for Bonus Payment Forms will not be accepted by Isaac Regional Council, all forms must be completed by an Authorised officer.