Water issues

Council performs rigorous testing to ensure water meets guidelines.Since early this year, Isaac Regional Council has made several upgrades to Dysart's water supply network and is carrying out a comprehensive five-phase plan at Dysart's Water Treatment Plant to improve water supply prior to the summer season.

Isaac Regional Council has come a long way in improving Dysart's water supply and will continue to work closely with BMA to alleviate water quality issues for Dysart residents.

Please report any water discolouration or odour to 1300 ISAACS (1300 472 227).

Fact Sheets

Phase 1 Factsheet - Dysart Water August 2015 (PDF, 382KB)

Blue-Green Algae Information from DERM (PDF, 95 KB)

Algal Bloom from DNRW (PDF, 72 KB)

Dysart Water Supply Report (28 January 2014) (PDF, 2MB)

Dysart Water Quality Survey - February 2013

Council greatly appreciates residents who participated in the Dysart Water Quality survey.

Please find the media release and summary of survey results below -

Dysart Water Quality Survey Summary(PDF, 219 KB)

The responses received are being used to access the problem points in the pipe network as part of the wider investigation. This information is being considered along with the specialist water treatment consultant's report and the Laboratory results.