Hiring Council facilities


Application to Hire Outdoor Spaces (PDF, 824.22KB) (booking of parks, gardens and showgrounds only)
Application to Hire Community Facilities (PDF, 809KB) (booking of community, civic halls and centres)
Community Facilities Terms and Conditions of Hire (PDF, 2.04MB)
Public Liability Insurance Requirements for Hire of Council Facilities (PDF, 170KB)
COVID-19 Event Assessment Hire of Council Spaces (PDF, 581KB)

COVID-19 Advisory

Due to current health directives regarding public gatherings, all applications to hire Council outdoor spaces and facilities must be accompanied by a completed COVID-19 Event Assessment to be considered. 
Applications to hire Council outdoor spaces and facilities should be submitted in person or online no later than ten (10) working days prior to the planned event.


Council has in place a "Casual Hirers' Cover" which provides liability cover with a Limit of Indemnity of $20,000,000 (twenty million dollars) for the hire of Council facilities. The excess of the policy is $2,000 (two thousand dollars).

It is the casual hirers responsibility to report any incident to a Council employee, preferably at the venue. Should it be determined following the investigation of the matter that the incident was a result of negligence or wilful conduct by the casual hirer, the casual hirer will be responsible for the payment of any damage up to the excess amount of $2,000.

The liability insurance cover is restricted to casual hirers who can be described as non-commercial, not-incorporated, not for profit and irregular users of council facilities. Casual hirers are further defined as third parties who hire council facilities no more than a total of ten (10) days over a twelve (12) month period.

Examples of casual hirers types of activities covered are:

  • Meetings – exemptions to clubs and associations only if they are irregular meetings (no more than ten (10) times in a 12 month period) however clubs and associations should have their own insurance and evidence of this should be provided.
  • Public meetings
  • Social get togethers
  • Parties
  • Weddings – if caterers will be catering at the venue this activity is not covered by this insurance and the caterers must have their own insurance policy.
  • Family reunions

*If caterers will be catering at the venue this activity is not covered by this insurance and the caterers must have their own insurance policy).

No cover is provided for incorporated bodies, sporting clubs or associations of any kind.

Examples of activities not covered by Council insurance and requiring their own insurance:

  • Meetings – clubs and associations that hold more than 10 meetings in the year.
  • Associations and clubs
  • Health and Fitness groups
  • Weight loss groups
  • Dancing groups/lessons
  • Childcare and Playgroup activities
  • Church groups
  • Music lessons
  • Karate/Tae Kwon Do/Gymnastic groups
  • Displays/Demonstrations where entrance fees are charged
  • Workshops
  • Corporate meetings
  • Conferences
  • School events/Awards nights

Should you have any further questions regarding insurance at a Council venue please contact 1300 ISAACS.