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Glenden was first introduced to the Isaac region as a mining town. The Mount Isa Mines Limited proposed a town be built for their workers and decided to name it Glenden after the Queensland Place Name Board advised this is what the area was called in the ballot in 1918.

Lake Elphinstone

Lake Elphinstone is a natural lake that resides approximately 60km from Nebo and 24km from Glenden, adjacent to the turn off to Mount Coolon on Suttor Development Road. A significant section of the property near the lake is located on recreation reserve under control of Isaac Regional Council, and is an excellent spot for bird-watchers with a natural habitat that attracts a variety of species. The lake itself is a great spot for fishing and a popular spot for the regions' local water sports fanatics. Visitors are allowed to camp free of charge for limited length stays. The site’s facilities include toilets and showers, however sites are  not powered and visitors are reminded to bring their own water.

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