Historical Planning Schemes

It is highlighted that development applications may still submitted to Council under the superseded Planning Schemes until the 31 March 2022.  A separate application requesting assessment under a superseded Planning Scheme must be submitted to Council and approved prior to the actual assessment of a development application commencing.


A single amendment has occurred to each of the Planning Scheme through the inclusion of a Local Government Infrastructure Plan which took force and effect on the 1 July 2018. 

The material that was utilised to produce the three Local Government Infrastructure Plans was initially sourced for and was going to become the Local Government Infrastructure Plan for the proposed Isaac Region Planning Scheme.  This is reflected in the way that the material is formatted.  

The mapping components identify as per the appropriate Planning Scheme however the extrinsic material applying to all three Local Government Infrastructure Plans.

5 LGIP Amendments
4 Catchment Maps
7 Extrinsic Material