Isaac Regional Council recognises the important role of election campaign signage in the democratic process.

To assist election candidates and campaign teams, Council has adopted an Election Signage Policy and supporting strategies to provide clarity in relation to the installation and regulation of signage on Council owned and/or controlled land.

Please visit the Australian Electoral Commission website for information on the Federal Election; such as becoming a candidate, enrolment, your electorate and general information on the election. 

Designated Election Signage Areas

To assist election candidates to place their signage in appropriate locations on Council owned and/or controlled land, a number of designated public spaces for election signage have been identified in Isaac communities.

These spaces are provided in the interests of the voting public and are sited at high-visibility locations in each community. Election signage can be displayed at these locations without the need for prior approval from Council.

Approved areas will be clearly marked at each location. Signs installed outside of the nominated display areas without a relevant approval will be removed.

Non-designated Election Signage Areas

Should candidates wish to erect signage on non-designated council owned and/or controlled land, the below application form will need to be submitted to the Chief Executive Officer for their consideration. Signage cannot be erected until such time as approval is given.

It is noted that Council will not regulate election signage on private land, unless it is not meeting the safety requirements of the Election Signage Policy.

To find out more please download the fact sheet and site maps.