Isaac Resource Excellence Hub

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Isaac Resource Excellence Hub

Creating sustainable resource communities' futures through a single technology and training facility delivering social, safety and environmental excellence.

The proposed Isaac Resource Excellence Hub will provide mine workers and resource communities with training
and access to technology to support them in moving towards the future.
The hub is about providing opportunities for our communities and workforce to embrace the changing landscape of
the resource sector and providing a future for mining communities.
Politicians at federal levels are looking at climate change and trying to identify ways they can support resource
regions like ours. 

What better place to take advantage of the change in industry by putting us in that conversation through this hub. This project will create jobs and develop skills that keep workers and families on the map and living in the Isaac for generations to come.

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Canberra needs to understand that regional Australia has the ability to be creative, to apply fresh thinking, to find innovative solutions and adapt to rapid change without fear, and with power.

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