Infrastructure Charges Notices issued in 2020

Isaac Regional Council levies infrastructure charges as part of the development assessment process. Charges apply when a subdivision (reconfiguring a lot), material change of use or carrying out of building work occurs generating extra demand on trunk infrastructure networks.  In the case where a development has been approved within the Moranbah Development Scheme 2011, the approval may be conditioned in the Development Permit to require a contribution toward trunk infrastructure networks and no Infrastructure Charges Notice is issued.

An Infrastructure Charges Notice is provided to a development applicant with the development approval package. The Infrastructure Charges Notice lets the applicant know if an infrastructure charge is applicable for the development. The table below contains all Infrastructure Charges Notices that have been issued since the 1 January 2020.


Proposed Development
Extension of currency period for material change of use (development permit) community facilities (heavy vehicle and machinery training facility)

Peak Downs Highway, Nebo

Real property Description
Lot55 on LHDT409

Infrastructure Charges Notice