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Isaac Regional Council is committed to assisting local not for profit community groups and organisations by providing community grants in an equitable and accountable manner. In order to ensure community assistance will benefit the region and our residents, Council has developed a Community Grants Policy and application process.

The Isaac Community Grants program funds local projects, events and activities which help develop resilient, adaptive and vibrant communities while contributing to the social wellbeing of its residents, workers and visitors.

Applicants are required to read the Isaac Community Grants Guidelines (PDF, 2MB)  before proceeding with their application.

Categories for Isaac Community Grants include:

Grants will be assessed across a number of categories and applicants are encouraged to think about how their project, event or activity will benefit the people and community of the region, and what outcomes it will provide.

Minor Grant applications are open year round and are assessed on a per needs basis and applications must be received at least 4 weeks before to the project, event or activity date.

Major Grant applications are assessed in four set rounds through the financial year as per the table below. 

Major Grants Assessment Rounds

Activity Date
Grant Rounds Applications Close Assessment Date Outcome Timeframe
April - June Round 7 15 January 2018 27 February 2018

4 weeks
following assessment

July - September Round 8 15 April 2018 29 May 2018
October - December Round 9 15 July 2018 28 August 2018
January - March Round 10 15 October 2018 20 November 2018

Contact your local Place Officer for help with your application or for further details please refer to the Community Grants Toolkit.

Forms and Guidelines

Application Form - Major or Minor Grants (PDF, 1.31MB) 
Application Form - Individual or Team Development Grants (PDF, 803KB)
Application Form - Emergency Grants (PDF, 708KB)
Application Form - School Bursaries (PDF, 1.11MB)
Isaac Community Grants Guidelines (PDF, 2MB) 
Isaac Community Grants Budget Template (.xls, 1MB)
Event Plan(PDF, 563KB)

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