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Sparkling lights energise festive community spirit

Sparkling lights and bursts of brilliant colour are lighting up streets across the Isaac region as part of Council’s annual Christmas Lights competition.

More than fifty residents and businesses joined in the Christmas spirit in 2018 with some spectacular light displays impressing judges and delighting local residents.

Mayor Anne Baker said it was pleasing to see the many wonderful entries from residents and businesses who had spent a great deal of time and effort creating the displays.

"Congratulations to everyone who entered the competition in Clermont, Dysart, Glenden, Middlemount, Moranbah, Nebo and on the Isaac Coast,” Mayor Baker said.

“Thank you also to our judges and Councillors who had the challenging task of selecting the winning displays.”

Council partnered with Dysart Community Support Group (DCSG) and the Carmila Christmas Tree Committee to host the 2018 Isaac Christmas Lights Competition.

2018 Isaac Christmas Lights Competition Winners

Location Categories Winning Display Address

Best Residential
Best Business (joint winners)
Councillors Choice

Winter Wonderland
Ornabellas &
Vivian’s Christmas
Abbie & Chase

29 Blair Court
Shop 1 & 2/64 Capella Street & 32 Capella Street
30 Blamey Street

Isaac Coast

Best Residential
1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place

Santa’s Paddock
English House
Hey, it’s Christmas already

20 Railway Parade, St Lawrence
5 Seaview Drive, Greenhills
448 Palms Road, Carmila
(Dysart Community Support Group)

Best Residential
1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place

6 Kelloway Street
51A Beardmore Crescent
10 Gerrard Street
6 Kelloway Street
51A Beardmore Crescent
10 Gerrard Street

Best Residential
1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place

For the kids
4 the kids
Harpers Haven

3 Robinson Street
10 Murray Court
2 Gibbs Street


Best Residential
Best Business
People’s Choice 

Lonergan Family
Middlemount Newsagency
Xmas Display

92 Clarence Baker Drive
Carter Place
73/34 Centenary Drive South

Best Residential
Best Business

Santa’s Gone Fishing
Macarthur Street Light Fusion

17 Norton Court
10 Macarthur Street

Best Residential
1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place

Twinkle, Twinkle Christmas
Neale’s Home
Bare but beautiful

42 Cassia Court
48 Wilkin Street
1 Trimmer Street


Images: A selection of captioned images is available for download –


Image 1: Best Residential, Isaac Coast - 20 Railway Parade, St Lawrence

Image 2:  Best Residential 2nd Place, Isaac Coast - 5 Seaview Drive, Greenhills

Image 3:  Best Residential Clermont – 29 Blair Court

Image 4:  Best Residential Clermont – 29 Blair Court

Image 5:  Best Business (joint winner) – Vivian’s Christmas

Image 6:  Best Business (joint winner) – Ornabellas

Image 7:  Best Residential Dysart - 6 Kelloway Street

Image 8:  Best Residential 2nd Place Dysart – 51A Beardmore Crescent

Image 9:  Best Residential Glenden – For the kids – 3 Robinson Street

Image 10:  Best Residential 2nd Place Glenden – 4 the kids – 10 Murray Court

Image 11:  Best Residential Middlemount - Lonergan Family – 92 Clarence Baker Drive