Notification of Upcoming Tenders

Isaac Regional Council (IRC) invites local suppliers to register their interest for the supply of goods and services or capital works with Local Buy and LG Tenderbox. 

Local Buy is an independent procurement partner IRC uses to source and deliver goods and services quickly through a panel of pre-qualified vendors, while still complying with local government regulations. 

Local Buy is currently undertaking a major review and refresh of current supplier arrangements across a range of industries and IRC is encouraging local businesses to submit a Request for Tender (RFT) to be considered for the pre-qualified vendor panel. 

For eligibility criteria or to submit an RFT to join the pre-qualified vendor panel please contact Local Buy at or call  (07) 3000 2115 or email and complete an application before the category closing date below. 

The following tenders close Tuesday 30 June 2020: The following tenders close Tuesday 7 July 2020:
  • NPN 2.18:  Smart Cities Connected Communities
  • BUS271: Corporate Clothing, Workwear & PPE
  • BUS276: Tyres, Tubes & Associated Services
  • BUS261: Legal Services
  • BUS259 (B): Recruitment Services –Permanent Staff
  • NPN1.15-2 Trucks (Garbage Trucks, Street Sweepers, Road Maintenance Units)
  • NPN 2.15-2 Heavy Plant Machinery Equipment (Earthmoving Equipment, Road Construction Equipment, Forklifts, Telehandlers, Rollers, Compactors and all associated implements)
  • BUS258: Office & Stationery
  • NPN 1.18: Telecommunication Services
  • BUS277: Chemical Supply
  • BUS260: Advertising & Media Services
  • BUS233: Motor Vehicles
  • LB 282: Tractors, Mowers and General Powered Equipment
  • LB 286: Trailers, Tankers, Construction Caravans, Mobile Libraries and Truck Bodies
  • LB280: Asset Management Services
The following tenders open on Saturday 15 August 2020 and close on Tuesday 8 September 2020:
  • BUS268:  Spare Parts & Associated Services
  • BUS263:  Call Centres & Customer Administration Services
  • BUS272:  Business, Finance & Organisational Management Services
  • BUS278:  Human Resources & Employee Relations
  • BUS279:  Project Management Services (Civil Infrastructure)

LG Tenderbox is used by IRC when Local Buy panel arrangements are not available, when IRC needs to source or create a separate supplier panel, or when IRC wishes to test the market for large contract arrangements. 

LG Tenderbox does not require vendors to have met the pre-qualifications of the Local Buy panel. 

IRC is encouraging businesses to register for LG Tenderbox to receive notification of upcoming tenders, download tender documents, participate in tender forums and lodge electronic tender submissions.  

Businesses can register their interest on LG Tenderbox at 

Gary Stevenson PSM 
Chief Executive Officer 

Published: 26th June 2020