Isaac Regional Council Receives Clermont Sustainable

The Isaac Regional Council has received a major report on future options for Clermont’s water supply.

The Clermont Water Sustainability Strategy was received and noted at the Council’s meeting on Wednesday.

Isaac Regional Mayor Anne Baker said the quality and reliability of Clermont’s water supply was a top priority for the Council and the consultants’ report was a valuable tool for future planning.

“The strategy was prepared to provide direction for long-term water supply for Clermont,” Mayor Baker said. “It provides an extensive amount of work which will inform decisions now and into the future.

“Issues addressed in the strategy include the water storage capacity of Theresa Creek Dam, the feasibility of drawing on the historical ground-water bores around Clermont and the performance of the water supply network.”

Mayor Baker said several projects relating to the Clermont water supply had already been approved and commenced.

These included the clear-water tank upgrades to the Capricorn Street tower ($511,000), work on the Theresa Creek Dam (TCD) spillway ($184,000), desilting the TCD offtake tower gully ($1.5M) and constructing a new five-million-litre treated water reservoir ($3M).

Work proposed for the 2020-21 financial year includes replacement of the Lime Street and East Street water mains in Clermont ($1.39M).

Published: 29th June 2020