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Dog registration

All dogs aged 12 weeks and over must be registered with Council, as a requirement of the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008.

By registering your dog, Council is able to reunite you and your pet if it is impounded or to notify you in case of an accident.

You must bring a copy of your pet's microchip and desex certification originals for registration.

Registration fees enable the Council to deliver a wide range of animal management services including the pound, dog patrols and community information about responsible pet ownership.

Registration and other Forms

Download the Registration for Dogs (PDF, 609KB) and take this to your local Council office with a copy of your pet's microchip and desex certification originals.

Download an Update of Animal Registration Details Form (PDF, 553KB) if any details have changed, and submit it to your local Council office. Have your pet registration details changed?

Need to check your address details?  Call council on 1300 472 227.


To renew your dog simply visit your local Council office or contact 1300 ISAACS (472 227). Alternatively, wait for your renewal notice and follow the instructions outlined on the notice.


View Council's Fees and Charges Schedule (PDF, 1,542.6KB) for the latest dog registration fees.

Registered pet owners will receive a renewal notice with current fees from September.

Please note, as of July 2014, cat registration is no longer compulsory in the Isaac region. 

Penalties & Fines

If you do not register your dog and it is picked up by Council, you will pay an impoundment fee plus the registration fee before your animal is released. For more information on Penalty Infringement Notices click here.

Inspections will be made on all unpaid renewal notices sent for this renewal period.  You will receive a penalty fee and must pay the registration fee.

Dangerous Dogs

Council may declare your dog dangerous if it:

  • Has seriously attacked a person or another animal
  • Has acted in a way that caused fear to a person or another animal
  • Was declared dangerous by another local government

Once your dog has been declared a dangerous dog, Council will impose strict conditions on the keeping of the dog.  If it is found or reported that these conditions are not adhered to, Council may remove and destroy the dog, as well as fining you.

Menacing Dogs

Council may declare your dog menacing if it does any of the acts listed for dangerous dogs but with less damage, injury or fear.

Once your dog has been declared menacing, similar conditions as for a dangerous dog will be imposed with the same consequences.