Clermont Urban Design Framework

The Clermont Urban Design Framework was the first framework to be completed. It set the standard for all future frameworks in the Isaac Region. The aim of the project was to develop an Urban Design Framework (UDF) for Clermont that helps the Community focus on a strategic future for the town by increasing tourism and economic development, attracting new residents and improving the quality of life for the local community. This framework ultimately provides a vision and urban design direction for Clermont for the next 10-20 years.

An intensive consultative approach was key to developing a strong understanding of community needs and aspirations, a crucial understanding to develop sustainable projects for the Clermont community.

Entrance Precinct image

Putting the plan into action

To date, there has been a number of projects completed.

  • Centenary park playground upgrade.
  • Hoods lagoon upgrade; replacement of shelters on the Northern side and new tables for Apex Park within Hoods Lagoon.
  • Tree planting of drought-tolerant trees throughout the existing streetscape.
  • Footpath upgrades (ongoing).
  • Screening of rubbish dump at Entrance precinct.
  • Hoods Lagoon Remembrance Way Upgrade.
  • Installation and lighting of the 'Welcome to Clermont' sign.
  • A master plan for the upgrade of Centenary Park
  • Upgrade of road signage.
  • Lime and Capella Street intersection re-vegetation.
  • Installation of aerators in the lagoon.
  • Landscaping upgrade to the Entrance Roundabout.
  • Shade shelter at the Bull Sale Ring. 
  • Infilling of Queensland Rail land (private development) to increase connectivity of both ends of the town.
  • Planning completed for upgrades to Capella Street and Hoods Lagoon including engineering design (subject to budget for implementation).

Clermont Entrance precinct