Dysart Urban Design Framework

Isaac Regional Council and BMA, through their Community Development Program, engaged JPE and Wax Design Studios to deliver an Urban Design Framework (UDF) for the town of Dysart.

The Dysart UDF is a long-term strategic planning document for the town and the second framework Isaac Regional Council has developed. It aims to help the Council and community focus on a strong resilient future, by increasing economic development opportunities, attracting new residents to town and improving the quality of life and amenity for the community as a whole.

Dysart streetscape

Putting the plan into action

The Dysart Urban Design Framework sets out the Council's clear plan and future direction for Dysart and is fast becoming a reality.  Stage one works commenced on 12 May 2014 to landscape and redesign the median strips of Queen Elizabeth Drive, Civic Centre gardens and Centenary Park and was completed in August 2014. These works have refreshed Dysart's street appeal and open spaces, achieving the aim of enhancing the town centre's vibrancy to better support enterprise and improve lifestyle.

In 2013 a number of structures were installed to align with the Dysart Urban Design Framework. These include children's play equipment featuring tactile, learning opportunities for a range of age groups in both Fox Park and Lions Park and new shade shelter, large enough to support expansion, at Heritage Square.

Isaac Regional Council is working with BHP Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) to deliver this important project for Dysart.  The Dysart Urban Design Framework was funded by BHP Mitsubishi Alliance's Community Development Program and is a priority project for Council.

To date, there has been a number of projects completed:

  • Town Centre open space upgrade.
  • Increased housing capacity to the northern edge of the town centre. 
  • Infrastructure upgrades to the water treatment plant. 
  • Queen Elizabeth Drive Landscape revitalisation. 
  • Civic Centre Park Landscaping.
  • Installation of a hardcover shade shelter at the Skate Park. 
  • Centenary Park Entrance upgrade. 
  • Installation of Heritage Square in Centenary Park.
  • Lions Park and Fox Park have new play equipment featuring tactile, learning opportunities, shade shelters, and lighting. 
  • Painting of the truck at the Garnham Drive Entrance. 

Dysart Urban Design Framework Opening