Pool Safety and Compliance

Pool Safety and Compliance


Don’t let your summer turn to tragedy!

Assess your pool’s safety and compliance at www.qbcc.qld.gov.au.

Safety Tips

Supervise your kidsSupervise your kids

Effective pool safety depends on the vigilance of parents and carers supervising young children around pools at all times.


Learn to swimLearn to swim

Swimming lessons are never a substitute for supervision, but learning to swim does reduce the possibility of drowning.


Shut the gateShut the gate

It is important to make sure that your pool gate always self-closes and self-latches and that you check your pool fence to ensure it complies.


Is your pool compliant?

The construction and maintenance of both swimming pools and pool fencing must comply with the Building Act 1975Queensland Development Code Mandatory Part 3.4 and relevant Australian Standards.

Safety barriers are mandatory for all portable pools and spas deeper than 300mm. Queensland pool safety laws apply to portable pools and spas that:

  • Hold more than 300mm of water; or
  • Have a volume of more than 2000L; or
  • Have a filtration system

The Department of Housing and Public Works website outlines the requirements for pool fences and safety barriers.

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission has put together some handy tips on how to make your pool safer (PDF, 293.6KB) For further information on swimming pool safety and compliance, visit the Department of Housing and Public Works. Additionally, you can contact our Swimming Pool Safety Inspector at Isaac Regional Council.