Proposed Isaac Regional Planning Scheme

Proposed Isaac Regional Planning Scheme
What is a planning scheme?

A planning scheme describes Council’s plan for the future direction of the region by providing a framework for planning and development.
It helps to address the economic, social and environmental needs and aspirations of local communities and the wider region, focusing on land use, development, infrastructure and valuable features of the area.
Specifically, a planning scheme:
  • Regulates future development and land use activities;
  • Identifies the region’s preferred growth pattern;
  • Manages community, state and regional interests and
  • expectations; and
  • Includes a Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP) to ensure communities and businesses have the right services.

How will it affect you?

The proposed Isaac Regional Planning Scheme will apply to land that you own or rent.

It also applies to the land around you, affects what you can do with your land and what your neighbour can do with theirs. The proposed planning scheme may result in changes to the way you use your property in the future.



Coastal Hazards and Limited Development Zone Information

Council has prepared a "frequently asked questions" fact sheet to assist affected landowners understand the implications of coastal hazards and limited development zoning.