Draft Local Government Infrastructure Plan consultation

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What happens next?

The draft Local Government Infrastructure Plan (with changes arising out of public consultation) will be provided to the state government for its review. Council shall seek the State’s approval to adopt draft Local Government Infrastructure Plan.

Council will send letters to all submitters advising of the outcome of their submission(s) after the State Review has been completed.

Upon the State giving approval to adopt both the new Planning Scheme and part 4: The draft Local Government Infrastructure Plan, that have been separately publicly notified, these documents shall be combined, and Council will undertake the gazettal process. It is anticipated that, subject to State Government approvals, the Isaac Region Planning Scheme shall come into force and effect in early 2021.

A new Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution, that determines infrastructure charges based upon Part 4: Local Government Infrastructure Plan, shall come into force and effect at the same time as the Isaac Region Planning Scheme.


Isaac Regional Council resolved on 26 May 2020 to publicly notify a draft Local Government Infrastructure Plan that will form part of the proposed Isaac Region Planning Scheme. The proposed Planning Scheme is being publicly notified separately and can be viewed here.

You are invited to review Council’s updated draft Local Government Infrastructure Plan for Isaac. Submissions may be made during the public consultation period which will assist Council in the improvement of the draft Local Government Infrastructure Plan. 

The draft local government infrastructure plan contains information about the trunk infrastructure and would replace the current Local Government Infrastructure Plans which came into force on the 26 June 2018. They can be viewed at the following links: 

The draft local government infrastructure plan uses assumptions about the scale of development, infrastructure demands and assumed growth to identify the required infrastructure to the year 2036, to support the planning scheme.  It would apply to all the Isaac Region Council area, including that area that was previously contained in the Moranbah Priority Development Area.

The draft Local Government Infrastructure Plan identifies key trunk infrastructure in 4 networks that would be eligible for funding under an associated future Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution:

  • water supply network
  • sewerage network
  • transport network
  • public open space and land for community facilities network

These information sheets provide more information about the draft local government infrastructure plan:

The draft Local Government Infrastructure Plan components that can be viewed below:

  1. Part 4 and Schedule 3 of proposed Isaac Region Planning Scheme:
    a. Draft Local Government Infrastructure Plan
    b. Planning Assumption Tables
    c. Schedule of Works 
    d. Schedule of Works model 
  1. Local Government Infrastructure Plan Maps:
    a. Draft Local Government Infrastructure Plan: Plan For Trunk Infrastructure Parks 
    b. Draft Local Government Infrastructure Plan: Plan For Trunk Infrastructure Sewer 
    c. Draft Local Government Infrastructure Plan: Plan For Trunk Infrastructure Transport 
    d. Draft Local Government Infrastructure Plan: Plan For Trunk Infrastructure Water 
    e. Draft Local Government Infrastructure Plan: Planning Infrastructure Area 

Other material associated with the draft Local Government Infrastructure Plan:

Have your say

Submissions to the draft Local Government infrastructure Plan in relation can be lodged:

  • ONLINE: Make a submission through speakup.isaac.qld.gov.au and click on LGIP consultation
  • VIA EMAIL: records@isaac.qld.gov.au with Planning Scheme Submission in the subject line
  • BY POST: Isaac Regional Council, PO Box 97 Moranbah, QLD 4744, addressed to Planning Scheme Submission
  • IN PERSON: Delivered to any Isaac Regional Council library at Clermont, Dysart, Glenden, Middlemount, Moranbah, Nebo or St Lawrence.

Valid submissions must be made in writing, have address of submitter(s), be signed by all submitters (unless lodged digitally), state the grounds of the submission plus circumstances relied upon to support the submission, and be submitted no later than 4 August 2020.

For further information please call Council’s Customer Service Centre available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 1300 ISAACS (1300 472 227).