State Planning Policy

State Planning Policy

The State Planning Policy provides comprehensive guidance as to the States interest in local planning matters.  This is one of two state planning instruments which set out what the state government has identified as critical, non-negotiable planning matters.  These are matters that identify what Queenslanders value and want to see protected and enhanced.  Local governments must consider them when writing their planning schemes. 

An overview is provided in the Factsheet: What is the State Planning Policy

In the case where there is inconsistency between the content of the State Planning Policy and the planning scheme the State Planning Policy has precedence.

A copy of the State Planning Policy can be viewed here. The State Planning Policy outlines 17 state interests, arranged under five broad themes:

1. Liveable communities and housing

  • Housing supply and diversity
  • Liveable communities

2. Economic growth

  • Agriculture
  • Development and construction
  • Mining and extractive resources
  • Tourism

3. Environment and heritage

  • Biodiversity
  • Coastal environment
  • Cultural heritage
  • Water quality

4. Safety and resilience to hazards

  • Emissions and hazardous activities
  • Natural hazards, risk and resilience

5. Infrastructure

  • Energy and water supply
  • Infrastructure integration
  • Transport infrastructure
  • Strategic airports and aviation facilities
  • Strategic ports

State planning policy