Fees and Charges and Forms

Fees and Charges and Forms

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Register for electronic rates

If you are experiencing delays in postal service or would like to receive electronic notice, contact Council to register your email address.

If you have a change in circumstance, please update your contact details to ensure the prompt delivery of your rates notices.

Prepay your rates

Ratepayers are encouraged to get ahead of their bills by prepaying rates throughout the year.

You can use the biller code and reference number from your previous rates notices.

How to prepay your rates 

Council has a number of easy payment options including BPAY instalments weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Contact Council’s Rates Team for an estimate of your prepaid amount.

Then set up a BPAY payment using the Biller Code and Reference Number on your rates notice.

For more details or to speak to the Rates Team please call Council’s Customer Service Centre on 1300 ISAACS (1300 472 227) between 8.30am and 5 pm.

Property Rates 2022-23

Property Rates 2022-23 is designed to assist ratepayers to better understand the rating system and how Isaac Regional Council utilises funds raised by rating to provide infrastructure and services.

For more details on rates and charges for 2022-23, please view Council’s adopted Revenue Statement as part of the 2022-23 Budget Book.

You can make an Application for a Rates Payment Arrangement to be considered for a payment arrangement by Council.

Water Charges

The Isaac Water Consumption Charging Program has been in effect in Isaac from July 1, 2017, following a 12-month delay to help ratepayers prepare for the new system.

For more information view the Water Charges page.

Fees and Charges

The 2022-23 Schedule of Fees and Charges can be viewed here.

Property Search Request

To perform a search for rates and water, building, planning, environmental or minor engineering information on a property, complete a Property Search Request Form and submit to Council with relevant search fees or charges.

What happens with the rates and water bill when buying or selling a property?

If you are buying or selling a property in the Isaac Region, we suggest contacting your solicitor or conveyancer to ensure they request a special water meter reading from Isaac Regional Council prior to settlement. This special water meter reading will provide your solicitor or conveyancer with the relevant information to identify and calculate all the water usage and access charges incurred by the previous owner up to the date of settlement. This ensures the purchase price of the property is adjusted according to the charges on the special water meter reading at the time of settlement.

If you are purchasing, please note that when you receive your water bill for your new property, it may still include the water usage and access charges of the previous owner (the charges will vary depending on when you purchased the property). If charges are applicable when you receive the new account, these charges will be payable by you, as you should have already been reimbursed for the previous owner’s charges in the settlement process outlined above. The calculations for the reimbursement are detailed on the Settlement Statement provided by your solicitor or conveyancer. As your solicitor or conveyancer is responsible for ensuring this has occurred, and you should contact them if you have any questions.

Adjustment of rates and/or any loss of discount on sales is a matter for settlement between the parties concerned and NOT the responsibility of the Council.