Our Resilient Coast – Isaac Coastal Hazard Adaption Strategy

Our resilient coast


About Our Resilient Coast

Our Resilient Coast is a long-term strategy to manage coastal changes and build our resilience to the coastal hazards of erosion, storm tide inundation and permanent sea level rise over the next 80 years.

A resilient future for the Isaac coast depends on the community and Council taking strategic actions now to identify the multi-generational impacts of coastal hazards on our valued places and assets, and development of management strategies that preserve these places and assets, and build community resilience.

Council is working with BMT and Ethos Urban to deliver this project under the Queensland Government’s QCoast2100 program. The project looks at coastal hazard risks between now and 2100 and will result in a coastal hazard adaptation strategy for our region. This website provides information about the project and opportunities for you to be involved.

Our Resilient Coast is different to the Proposed Isaac Regional Planning Scheme because:

  • it is non-statutory and will provide an overarching strategy for a coordinated response to current and future coastal hazard risks;
  • it prepares additional coastal hazard mapping;
  • it is targeted to the coastal communities of Carmila Beach, Clairview, Greenhill and St Lawrence;
  • the study considers a much longer time horizon (to 2100);
  • a range of adaptation options will be identified – both planning and non-planning; and
  • some actions will inform a future amendment to the new planning scheme, while others will be non-statutory.

Where are we now?

QCoast2100 is an eight-phase program, which council, the community and key stakeholders will deliver together. Council completed phases 1 and 2 in 2018; which outlined how and when to engage with you throughout the project and what additional technical studies were needed to better understand coastal hazards affecting our region.

We have recently completed phase 5 and the results of this works has been utilised in the recently gazetted Isaac Regional Council Planning Scheme 2021.


  1. Isaac Engagement Summary Report – Phases 3-4
  2. Phase 4 Assets at Risk Report
  3. Phase 5 Risk Assessment Report 

We are now concurrently undertaking phases 6, 7 and 8.

Get involved!

Our coastal environment is always changing, as are the impacts to our communities, built environment, infrastructure and natural areas along the coast. We want to understand which places you value on the coast and why, how you use them and your concerns about impacts to them.

Future phases will provide an opportunity to have a say about:

  • the impact and level of risk to the places and assets we value
  • options we can explore to adapt to the risk
  • feedback on the draft strategy

We will update this website to report back on the outcomes of our engagement activities after consultation.

Want to get in touch?

You can contact the project team for further information on 1300 ISAACS (1300 47 22 27). You can also register your interest to receive future project updates or notifications about upcoming engagement activities by registering here.