Think Smart Plant Smart

Isaac Regional Council -  plantsmart cover

Plant Smart is a vegetation management program developed by Ergon Energy and Greening Australia to educate the community on planting appropriate trees under and around powerlines.

Isaac Regional Council is leading the way by actively participating in the Plant Smart program to help landholders choose the right vegetation for planting near powerlines. This ensures that the trees and shrubs won’t grow into powerlines, potentially disrupting the power supply to you and your neighbours and bringing live powerlines to the ground in a storm or windy conditions. It also ensures Ergon energy’s tree management contractors won’t have to remove a tree that you’ve come to love.

View the Isaac Regional Council Think Smart, Plant Smart brochure (PDF, 3.4 MB).

Prior to planting

  • Consider the location of powerlines and underground service lines near your home.
  • Call ‘Dial Before You Dig’ on 1100 to request information about underground cables on, or near your property.
  • Consider the type of trees and shrubs you should plant.
  • Will the plant’s roots, branches, sap, flowers, or fruits damage fences, footpaths, buildings, roads, foundations or vehicle paintwork?
  • Consider pedestrian traffic near your property as well and mail service and garbage truck service access.
  • Check the required clearance for street lighting and signage.

How to plant a tree so that it thrives

  • Dig a hole 300mm from the edge of the root ball on the tree.
  • Loosen up the sides of the hole to promote root penetration.
  • Water crystals can aid in water retention.
  • Create a well around your tree with soil to help retain water and reduce water runoff.
  • Place mulch to a depth of 150mm around the base of the tree, but away from the trunk to prevent rot.
  • Thoroughly water each tree immediately after planting as required.
  • Once planted, water the tree regularly in dry weather, even so-called drought-tolerant plants need to be watered regularly until their roots become established.
  • Native trees can be fertilised for much better growth. Use a fertiliser that is low in phosphorus, marked as ‘P’ on the label of the bag. To determine if your fertiliser is suitable, check the N:P:K (nitrogen – phosphorous - potassium) composition.