Isaac's Vision

To energise the world.

Isaac's Vision Statement

Helping to energise the world.
A region that feeds,
powers and builds communities.

Isaac's Mission

To feed, power and build communities.


Which means that we will display accountability, openness, transparency and integrity.

Continuous improvement
Which means that all aspects of the organisations operations are encouraged through a progressive and creative approach.

Which means that the manner in which we approach all aspects of the business for Isaac Region, the highest possible outcome will be achieved.

Procedural consistency
Which means that there is a consistent approach to the way in which Council conducts its business across the region.

Customer focus
Which means that we identify and meet the needs of all customers in a responsive and equitable manner.

Team work and coordination
Which means that we work together to achieve a common goal.

Safety and well-being
Which means that we are all committed to working safely and caring for each other's well-being.

Council’s Vision “To energise the World” is central to driving all strategic and key planning decisions and future planning initiatives.  Current and future strategic directions are, and will be, defined against the Vision, Mission and Values.

To view our 2005-2020 Corporate plan, please visit our 5 Year Corporate Plan page.