Strategies and Data

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Strategies and Data

We provide accurate and relevant data and statistics to Council and external customers across all aspects of the socio-economic domain. Isaac Regional Council provides the following research and statistical resources:

Our community profile provides information pertaining population, migration, education, work, housing, well-being and trends.

Our economic profile provides information obtaining economic, tourism, industry, and business data.

Greater Whitsunday Alliance (GW3) Economic Publications

The Greater Whitsunday Alliance (GW3) is an economic development body funded as an alliance of the three local governments in the region in collaboration with business, industry and community organisations.

The three regional councils of Mackay, Isaac and Whitsunday are working together to improve the lives of residents and support the delivery of projects that benefit the wider region.

As a not-for-profit organisation, GW3’s financial support comes from the three councils, but operates independently and works closely with Regional Development Australia and State and Federal Governments to highlight the needs and priorities of the region

Greater Whitsunday Alliance

Strategies and Frameworks