Looking to Build or Develop in Isaac?

General Enquiries

Council's Planning Officers are available to answer any enquiries you may have regarding development in the Isaac Region and are happy to assist you with your project. You can get in contact with a Planning Officer by phone, email or a meeting either face to face or online.

To enable Council to respond to your enquiry, it is requested that you have as much information available as possible. Detailed information such as a property address and lot and plan number, as well as a clear description of the type and nature of your proposal will support us in responding to your enquiry accurately and efficiently.

For general development enquiries, please contact Council’s Planning Department by emailing liveability.sustainability@isaac.qld.gov.au.

Call Us
Please phone 1300 ISAACS (1300 472 227) for all phone enquiries to Council.

In Writing
All written correspondence should be addressed to:

The Chief Executive Officer
Isaac Regional Council
PO Box 97
Attention: Liveability and Sustainability Department

Pre-Lodgement Meetings

Council offers a free service where developers can engage with Council’s planning and technical staff at a pre-lodgement meeting.  Council encourages applicants to meet with Planning Officers prior to the lodgement of a Development Application.

This pre-lodgement meeting service provides an opportunity for a prospective applicant to meet with Council’s senior development staff, providing high-level advice in order to identify and resolve assessment matters associated with a proposed development prior to lodgement of a development application.

This pre-lodgement meeting service will assist applicants in preparing a well-made development application and help to streamline the development assessment process. 

What is a Pre-lodgement Meeting?

A pre-lodgement meeting is a meeting between a prospective Applicant and Council’s senior planning officers to discuss a development proposal prior to the formal lodgement of a development application. A pre-lodgement meeting provides a prospective Applicant with the opportunity to discuss and receive feedback from Council officers on the technical aspects of a development proposal following a preliminary assessment of submitted plans and documents detailing the proposal.

Pre-lodgement meetings are intended to:

  • Confirm applicable Council development requirements (planning scheme, policy requirements)
  • Identify Council information requirements (additional technical studies or information that should be lodged with the subsequent development application)
  • Identify the level of assessment and any approvals required
  • Identify the need for the subsequent development application to be referred to other agencies
  • Identify design issues that will need to be addressed based on a preliminary assessment of submitted information
  • Explore possible solutions to those design issues
  • Provide clarity about the assessment process and typical timeframes
  • Assist in expediting the assessment process
  • Provide an indication of the appropriateness of the proposal
  • Provide accurate, reliable constructive advice

Pre-lodgement meetings are not intended to:

  • Provide a detailed assessment of the proposed development
  • Determine the likely outcome of the ensuing assessment process
  • Provide a detailed compliance assessment of the development proposal against applicable planning scheme codes or other Council policy instruments

Pre-lodgement meetings are a free service by Council and are a process to provide an exchange of information in respect to proposed development prior to submitting a development application. The advice provided at these meetings should NOT be taken as a commitment as to whether an application would be approved or refused by Council. The pre-lodgement meeting process cannot override Council’s duty of care and legislative responsibilities in the assessment of development applications including considering matters raised by possible submitters and referral agencies, or which come to light during the detailed assessment process.

Book a Pre-lodgement Meeting

To book a pre-lodgement meeting with Council’s senior planning officers, send an email request to liveability.sustainability@isaac.qld.gov.au.

At a minimum, all of the information in the checklist below is required to be provided to the planning team prior to the Pre-lodgement Meeting: 

  • the location of the development site including real property description (Lot and Plan) and street address;
  • a list of attendees for the meeting;
  • a preferred date and time that you wish to meet with a Planner
  • Proposal Plans of your development for the Officer's review (prior to the Meeting);
  • information on the type of business you seek to operate on the property, and/or buildings proposed to be built on the land and if you seek to subdivide or realign the boundaries of the property;  and    
  • an indication of the issue/s that you seek clarification from Council during the meeting.

The preferred method of pre-lodgement meeting is either in-person at the Moranbah Administration Office or alternatively online via Microsoft Teams. On-site meetings or meetings at other Council offices throughout the region can be arranged by request. Please advise what your preferred method of meeting is at the time you submit your request.